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If you can't quite find the courier in the Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest, you're in the right place! This walkthrough guide will cover the entire quest chain and tell you how to complete it.

Before you can undertake the Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest and Story I Quest, you're going to have to learn the basics of the game. You can check out our Beginner's Guide to learn about what you can do and how to complete the first few core Story quests.

You'll need to complete the quests "Starting a New Life" and "Chapter I: A New Beginning" (the latter of which involves building your first House) as prerequisites, and you'll have to start -- but not complete -- the Uniegost's Story I Quest to activate the Dobroniega's Story I Quest (and eventually, the Dobroniega's Story II Quest). Let's get to it!

Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest Guide - Dobroniega's Story I Quest

Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story I Quest Guide

The Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story I Quest begins when she tells you that she's missing a Rye shipment. Make sure you have a little Food on you; you are going to have to do a fair amount of traveling in a little bit! Here are your objectives:

  • Find out what is wrong with the rye delivery
  • Talk to: Nadar

Start things off by speaking to Jarogniewa in Gostovia. You'll have a short conversation where she reveals that her husband is an idiot and that the crops are diseased, so she won't be able to provide the necessary Rye. However, she's asked someone else in a nearby town to take care of the problem. You'll then have to travel nearly 1.5 km West to visit Nadar in Rolnica and speak with him, so get to it.

A word of caution: there are some dangerous wild animals in the woods between Gostovia and Rolnica. You might encounter Boars or Wolves, either of which can easily kill you (especially if you're unarmed). Stick to the road and take care to avoid starting a fight you can't win! This path will also take you nearby the main waterway, so pick up some Straw if you're in need of it along the way.

Once you reach Rolnica, talk to Nadar. He'll tell you that he had already sent a courier with the Rye, but he should have arrived by now. This will complete the quest and kick off the Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest.

Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest Guide - Dobroniega's Story II Quest

Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest Guide

The Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest begins with what appears to be a simple objective to find the courier. Unfortunately, it's a little more complex than it might first seem and there are no convenient quest markers pointing you where to go. Here are your objectives:

  • Find the courier on the route to Gostovia
  • Go back to Nadar
  • Deliver to: Dobroniega - Crate of Rye x1 (1)

You're going to need to be able to see, so make sure you travel in the daytime. Travel Southeast towards the area marked with the yellow circle. There are two major roads in this area; whichever road you'll take, you'll eventually encounter a bloodstain -- a sure sign of trouble.

Look around carefully and you'll find another nearby bloodstain. Follow this trail to the point shown on the map below and that will take you to the Courier:

Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest Guide - Find the Courier Map
The blood trails on either road will lead you to the missing courier -- and Dobroniega's Rye shipment.

How to Find the Courier in Medieval Dynasty

You can find the courier for the Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest at the waterfall within the yellow circle as indicated on the map above. You don't have to follow the blood trail; you can run directly to the courier.

The courier has been wounded and he turns over the Crate of Rye to you and asks you to return to Nadar. You can provide him with a healing item -- such as a Broadleaf Plantain -- if you happen to have one; this kindness will increase your Dynasty Reputation. From there, it's time to head back up to Nadar in Rolnica.

Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest Guide - Return to Nadar

Speaking with Nadar a Second Time

Once you meet Nadar, you'll have a conversation with him about the injured Courier. You now have to make some choices in your conversation.

Your first option is to tell the truth about the man on the road being wounded. Nadar will express his concern about the man and you're faced with a second choice: you can either accept a small portion of Coin or say that Nadar should give it to the wounded courier and gain some Dynasty Reputation instead.

Your alternative choice, however, is to lie about having found the man. This will reduce your Dynasty Reputation, but you can accuse Nadar of trying to steal the Rye. He'll pay you a large sum of Coin and you'll get to keep the Rye for delivery to Dobroniega.

Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest Guide - Return Rye

Returning the Rye to Dobroniega

Regardless of which choice you made, it's time to return the Rye to Dobroniega in Gostovia and complete the Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story II Quest.

Head back down the road to Gostovia, return the Rye to Dobroniega, and you'll receive a sum of Coin and some Dynasty Reputation for your efforts. The quest will probably eat up a hefty chunk of your day, but the rewards are well worth it.

There's one final note to mention: completing the Uniegost's Story quest line may make this unavailable to complete, but I can't say for certain. Either way, this quest can be done in around one in-game day -- I strongly recommend that you beat this quest as soon as it becomes available just to ensure that you don't run the risk of failing it due to outside factors.

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