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In this Medieval Dynasty Crafting Guide, I'll explain how to produce the various goods you need to make a successful village for Render Cube and Toplitz Productions' survival village building game.

How Medieval Dynasty Crafting Works

Medieval Dynasty Crafting works as it does in most other games -- you take some resources, choose a recipe, and wait a few seconds for it to actually be crafted.

Take note that Medieval Dynasty Crafting takes time. If you wanted to make a couple hundred Wooden Spoons, it's going to take you a few in-game hours to actually get that done. Make sure to plan accordingly if you're going to craft items in bulk!

Medieval Dynasty Crafting Guide - Handcrafting

Get Started with Medieval Dynasty Handcrafting

Your first introduction to Medieval Dynasty Crafting will be with Handcrafting -- these are items that you can craft in your hand without any specialized Workbench or crafting station. Simply press Q and select "Handcrafting" on the wheel.

Handcrafting Items are the most basic of basic tools. They'll serve you well in the early game and they can act as a replacement in a pinch if a tool breaks in the mid-to-late game, but you're going to eventually move on from Handcrafting altogether.

Medieval Dynasty Crafting Guide - Buildings

How to Do Medieval Dynasty Crafting with Buildings

Naturally, Medieval Dynasty Crafting can also be done with buildings. Most buildings (including Houses) have one or more workstations that can be used to craft items.

An important note: workstations with the same name can craft different items depending on the building. For example, the Workbench in the Workshop produces different items compared to the Workbench in the Smithy.

Crafting in buildings otherwise works as you'd expect: make sure you have all of the necessary material in your inventory, go up to the appropriate workstation, select your recipe, and get to work.

Keep in mind that the Medieval Dynasty Crafting buildings need to be unlocked; you're not going to be able to build them right away. You can also upgrade these buildings to better versions, but all these do is increase the overall durabiility; even the lowest level of a building has all of the necessary workstations to get the job done.

Medieval Dynasty Crafting Guide - People

Let Your People Share the Work with Medieval Dynasty Crafting

There's a lot to do with Medieval Dynasty Crafting, but you won't have to go it alone; indeed, this game is as much about building a village full of people as it is about your own survival -- and you can put those People to work.

Once you start moving people into your village, you can assign them to various gathering and production buildings. Whether you want them working a farm, hunting for animals, or cooking food, you'll be able to find something for your People to do as long as you have the right buildings.

Medieval Dynasty Crafting Guide - Unlock
You need to reach a high enough skill level to unlock a recipe. Once that's done, you'll have to pay some Coin to buy it and actually be able to use it.

How to Unlock New Medieval Dynasty Crafting Recipes

You can unlock new Medieval Dynasty Crafting recipes by leveling up your skill. Recipes are listed in the crafting menu at each workstation and will become accessible after you hit a certain milestone. (The same unlocking rules apply to getting new buildings).

However, you won't be able to build these new recipes right away. Once you hit the appropriate skill level, you're going to have to pay some Coin to finally unlock the recipe and begin to use it. Choose carefully; you wouldn't want to waste however little money you have in the early game by unlocking something that you can't reliably craft and sell for profit.

Medieval Dynasty Crafting Guide - Recipe List

Medieval Dynasty Crafting List

Here is a list of all of the Medieval Dynasty Crafting Items and where to craft them. Keep in mind that higher-level buildings will only have higher durability and storage capacity; each building type has all of its crafting stations available from the get-go.

Handcrafting Items

  • Handcrafting
    • Wooden Hammer
    • Stone Axe
    • Stone Pickaxe
    • Stone Knife
    • Wooden Spear
    • Simple Torch
    • Wooden Hoe
    • Simple Bag
    • 4x Firewood

House Crafting Items

  • Cauldron
    • Soups
      • Potage
      • Stew
      • Soup
      • Mushroom Soup
      • Vegetable Soup
    • Porridges
      • Porridge
      • Gruel
      • Porridge with Apple
      • Porridge with Berries
    • Other
      • Meat with Gravy
      • Scrambled Eggs
      • Scrambled Eggs with Mushroom
      • Quark
      • Cheese
  • Stone Campfire
    • Roasted Meat
    • Roasted Fish Meat

Campfire Crafting Items

  • Campfire
    • Roasted Meat
    • Roasted Fish Meat

Barn Crafting Items

  • Workbench
    • Animal Feed
    • 10x Daub
    • Fertiliser
    • Poppy Seed
  • Threshing Floor
    • Wheat Grain / Straw
    • Oat Grain / Straw
    • Rye Grain / Straw
    • Flag Seed / Flax Stalk
  • Quern
    • 5x Flour
    • 10x Flour

Workshop Crafting Items

  • Workbench
    • Simple Torch
    • Torch
    • Small Wicker Basket
    • Medium Wicker Basket
    • Large Wicker Basket
    • Wicker Crate
    • Bucket
    • 10x Wooden Vial
    • 5x Wooden Bowl
    • 5x Wooden Plate
    • 5x Wooden Cup
    • Wooden Spoon
    • Wooden Ladle
    • Wooden Wheel

Smithy Crafting Items

  • Anvil
    • Copper Tools
      • Copper Hammer
      • Copper Axe
      • Copper Shovel
      • Copper Knife
      • Copper Sickle
      • Copper Hoe
    • Copper Weapons
      • Copper Spear
      • 10x Copper Arrow
      • 10x Copper Bolt
    • Bronze Tools
      • Bronze Hammer
      • Bronze Axe
      • Bronze Shovel
      • Bronze Knife
      • Bronze Sickle
      • Bronze Scythe
      • Bronze Hoe
      • Bronze Shearing Scissors
    • Bronze Weapons
      • Bronze Spear
      • 10x Bronze Arrow
      • 10x Bronze Bolt
    • Iron Tools
      • Iron Hammer
      • Iron Axe
      • Iron Shovel
      • Iron Knife
      • Iron Sickle
      • Iron Scythe
      • Iron Hoe
      • Iron Shearing Scissors
      • Iron Horseshoes
    • Bronze Weapons
      • Iron Spear
      • 10x Iron Arrow
      • Iron Crossbow
      • 10x Iron Bolt
      • Iron Spiked Cudgel
  • Forge
    • Copper Bar
    • Tin Bar
    • Bronze Bar
    • Iron Bar
  • Workbench
    • Wooden Tools
      • Wooden Hammer
      • Wooden Shovel
      • Wooden Hoe
    • Wooden Weapons
      • Wooden Spear
      • Cudgel
      • Bow
      • Longbow
      • Recurve Bow
      • Wooden Crossbow
      • 10x Wooden Bolt
    • Stone Tools
      • Stone Axe
      • Stone Pickaxe
      • Stone Knife
      • Fishing Spear
      • Stone Hoe
      • Stone Sickle
    • Stone Weapons
      • Stone Spear
      • 10x Stone Arrow
      • 5x Throwing Stone

Sewing Hut Crafting Items

  • Loom
    • Linen Fabric
    • Wool Fabric
  • Tailoring Table
    • Hats
      • Hat
      • Bag Hat
      • Felt Hat
      • Hat with Lapels
      • Strawhat
      • Flat Straw Hat
      • Coif
      • Cap
      • Cap with Coif
    • Hoods
      • Hood
      • Fur Hood
      • Long Fur Hood
      • Long Hood
      • Fur Capelet
    • Tunics
      • Simple Tunic
      • Short Sleeve Tunic
      • Tunic
      • Felt Vest
      • Quilted Vest
    • Shirts
      • Simple Linen Shirt
      • Linen Shirt
    • Trousers
      • Trousers
      • Trousers with Cuffs
      • Hose
      • Joined Hose
    • Shoes
      • Fancy Shoes
      • Shoes
      • Fur Shoes
      • Noble Shoes
      • Boots
      • Simple Shoes
      • Noble Boots
      • Fur Boots
    • Gloves
      • Thick Leather Gloves
    • Backpacks and Pouches
      • Small Pouch
      • Pouch
      • Large Pouch
      • Simple Small backpack
      • Simple Backpack
      • Simple Large Backpack
    • Mount
      • Saddle
      • Small Saddlebag
      • Saddlebag
      • Large Saddlebag
    • Miscellaneous
      • Simple Bag
      • Bag
      • Waterskin
  • Spinning Wheel
    • Linen Thread
      • Wool Thread

Kitchen Crafting Items

  • Oven
    • Bread
      • Flatbread
      • Flatbread with Onion
      • Multigrain Bread
      • Wheat Bread
      • Rye Bread
      • White bread
      • Oat Roll
      • Wheat Roll
    • Pie
      • Fruit Pie
      • Meat Pie
      • Poppy Seed Pie
      • Cherry Pie
    • Tart
      • Fish Tart
      • Fruit Tart
      • Meat Tart
      • Pear Tart
      • Plum Tart
  • Cauldron
    • Soups
      • Potage
      • Stew
      • Soup
      • Mushroom Soup
      • Vegetable Soup
    • Porridges
      • Porridge
      • Gruel
      • Porridge with Apple
      • Porridge with Berries
    • Other
      • Meat with Gravy
      • Scrambled Eggs
      • Scrambled Eggs with Mushroom
      • Quark
      • Cheese
  • Stone Grate
    • Roasted Meat
    • Roasted Fish Meat

Tavern Crafting Items

  • Wine Barrel
    • Berry Wine
    • Apple Wine
    • Cherry Wine
    • Pear Wine
    • Plum Wine
  • Juice Press
    • Berry Juice
    • Apple Juice
    • Cherry Juice
    • Pear Juice
    • Plum Juice
  • Brewing Station
    • Oat Ale
    • Oat Beer
    • Rye Beer
    • Wheat Beer
    • Mead

Well Crafting Items

  • Well Shaft
    • Waterskin with Water
    • Bucket of Water

Herbalist's Hut Crafting Items

  • Herbalist's Table
    • Healing Potions
      • Potion of Instant Healing I
      • Potion of Instant Healing II
      • Potion of Healing I
      • Potion of Healing II
      • Potion of Instant Cure
      • Potion of Cure
      • Potion of Sobriety
    • Enhancement Potions
      • Potion of Health
      • Potion of Stamina
      • Potion of Satiety
      • Potion of Saturation
      • Potion of Weight
      • Potion of Temperature
      • Potion of Strength
    • Other Potions
      • Potion of Night Vision
      • Poison
      • Potion of Camouflage
      • Potion of Possibilities
    • Poisoned Ammo
      • 10x Poisoned Stone Arrow
      • 10x Poisoned Copper Arrow
      • 10x Poisoned Bronze Arrow
      • 10x Poisoned Iron Arrow
      • 10x Poisoned Wooden Bolt
      • 10x Poisoned Copper Bolt
      • 10x Poisoned Bronze Bolt
      • 10x Poisoned Iron Bolt

Woodshed Crafting Items

  • Carpenter's Rack
    • 2x Plank
    • 4x Firewood

Excavation Shed Crafting Items

There are no craftable items in the Excavation Shed.

Mine Crafting Items

There are no craftable items in the Mine.

Hunting Lodge Crafting Items

  • Salting Barrel
      • Salted Meat
      • Salted Fish Meat
    • Workbench
      • Bow
      • Longbow
      • Recurve Bow
      • 10x Stone Arrow
      • 10x Wooden Bolt

    Fishing Hut Crafting Items

    • Salting Barrel
      • Salted Meat
      • Salted Fish Meat
    • Drying Rack
      • Dried Meat
      • Dried Fish Meat
    • Workbench
      • Fish Meat
      • 4x Fish Meat
      • 7x Fish Meat

    Medieval Dynasty Crafting Guide - Animal Pens

    A Note on Animal Pen Crafting Items

    There's one final note for this Medieval Dynasty Crafting Guide: the various Animal Pens can not be used to craft any items. They are solely dedicated to housing and feeding your livestock.

    Here are the Animal Pen buildings that you can't do any crafting in:

    • Henhouse
    • Pigsty
    • Goose House
    • Fold
    • Cowshed
    • Stable
    • Apiary

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