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How to Get Medieval Dynasty Water for Villagers

October 1, 2021 6:11 AM

By: Robert N. Adams


Curious about Medieval Dynasty Water and how to get it for your villagers? This guide will tell you how to get water for your villagers in Medieval Dynasty and ensure that you never run out.

Medieval Dynasty is not just a survival game -- it's also a village builder. You're charged with potentially taking care of dozens of villagers, and those villagers are going to need Food, Water, and Wood to stay alive and comfortable.




How To Get Medieval Dynasty Water for Villagers - Woodshed

How to Get Medieval Dynasty Water for Villagers

The easiest way to get Medieval Dynasty Water for villagers is berries. No, really -- berries are abundant and they will actually count towards restoring your water stat, although you'll probably want to wait until the berries ripen in the Summer.



Berries are easy to get and can serve you well in a pinch. Unfortunately, they're not really sustainable in the long term -- you will simply spend too much time collecting them to ensure that the Water needs of your town are met. A secondary solution is to purchase Waterskins or Buckets from Vendors in any town. These items, once filled, will ensure that your town has Water available for everyone. Unfortunately, Medieval Dynasty goes a little hard with its realism -- Plates, Bowls, Buckets, and Waterskins will eventually break and have to be replaced.

Whatever method you choose, you're also going to need a Food Storage build. Villagers will visit Food Storage periodically to pick up the supplies that they need; any Food or Water items not in Food Storage won't be of much help to them.



One might think futzing around with Buckets and Berries is a little unwieldy, and you'd be correct: there's a better, sustainable method that will help you get Medieval Dynasty Water for your villagers.

How To Get Medieval Dynasty Water for Villagers - Well

Medieval Dynasty Wells and Woodsheds

You can have an infinitely renewable source of Water as long as you build the following buildings and assign People to work in them:

  • Resource Storage
  • Food Storage
  • Woodshed
  • Well
  • Workshop
  • Builder's Hut

Here's how this all works: the Resource Storage stores resources (such as Wood, Stone, and Leather) and the Food Storage stores Food and Water. A worker assigned to the Woodshed can gather Wood from Trees or make Planks. Planks can then be used at the Woodshed to create Buckets, and those Buckets will then be taken by a worker assigned to the Well to be filled with Water.



Filled Buckets will subsequently be placed in the Food Storage. Once they're emptied, they'll be moved to Resource Storage and the cycle will begin again. You may need to fine-tune the process, but this is the most sustainable way to ensure that your Medieval Dynasty town has all the Water it needs.

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