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In this Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide, I'll take you through all seven parts of the Uniegost's Story Quests as you work to solve a grand mystery.

Preparing for the Uniegost Quest Chain - Beware of Spoilers!

Before we get into the Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide, we're going to do some preparation. You're going around 5,000 Coins to complete this quest chain -- make sure to pay attention to the further preparation in each section or you'll find yourself walking all over the map for no good reason.

This quest will also take a fair amount of time to complete. It took me roughly 5 in-game days to beat this quest chain, and that was when I was doing this quest chain exclusively.

Finally -- and perhaps most importantly -- this Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide explains the major choices you're going to make and introduces some new characters you may not have met yet. There will be story spoilers ahead, so tread carefully if you want to experience these parts for yourself!

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide - Uniegost's Story I

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost's Quest Guide - Uniegost's Story I

The Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide start's off, rather appropriately, with the Uniegost's Story I Quest. Here's what you need to do:

  • Talk to: Dobroniega
  • Deliver to: Uniegost - Oat Ale x2 (6)
  • Wait for the next day
  • Talk to: Uniegost
  • Talk to: Sambor
  • Dig up Clay Deposits: 0/2
  • Clay: 0/5
  • Deliver to: Sambor - Clay x5 (0)
  • Deliver the "Knuckle Sandwich" to Uniegost

Fortunately, this objective is fairly straightforward. Have a quick conversation with Dobroniega and she'll provide you with some Oat Ale, a portion of which you'll have to share with the Castellan Uniegost. You'll also unlock the Medieval Dynasty Dobroniega's Story I Quest upon finishing the conversation.

I strongly recommend that you immediately complete Dobroniega's Quest -- it can be done in a relatively short time of one or two in-game days at most and at no real cost to yourself other than time. You may be unable to complete it by the end of this quest chain!

Wait until the next day and you'll be prompted to talk to Uniegost again. He'll tell you about a group that he, your late uncle, and several others once belonged to called "The Reminders." One of the surviving Reminders named Sambor lives a little less than a kilometer north of town, so you'll have to go and visit him.

Following a short conversation, Sambor will ask you to dig up 2 Clay Deposits behind his house and bring him a total of 5 Clay. After that, Sambor will regale you with a surreal tale from your late uncle's life. Once your conversation is finished, he'll tell you to scram and to deliver a "knuckle sandwich" to Uniegost -- and by that, I mean he wants you to punch him. Yes, I'm serious.

You'll then have a lengthy conversation with Uniegost (who manages to avoid getting punched in the face) where he details a group of wealthy people known as "The Vendors" who were in the slave business. Uniegost explains how your uncle met Sambor, and he concludes the conversation by asking you to pick something up from a neighboring village, ending the quest and beginning part 2.

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide - Uniegost's Story II

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost's Story II Quest Guide

The next part of the Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest is thankfully much, much closer -- Uniqgost's Story II begins with having you travel over to Borowo, a village on the other side of the river. Here are your objectives for this quest:

  • Retrieve Uniegost's Scythe from Ida
  • Deliver to: Uniegost - Uniegost's Scythe x1 (0)

Travel over to the other side of the river and talk with Ida. This is when you learn that retrieving Uniegost's Scythe won't be as easy as expected -- he lost it in a bet. To get it back, you'll have to play Ida's Game of Riddles.

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide - Ida's Game of Riddles

How to Win Ida's Game of Riddles in Medieval Dynasty

To win Ida's Game of Riddles and get back Uniegost's Scythe, you must answer three riddles correctly. It's very important to note that you'll only have one chance (unless, of course, you save the game beforehand); refuse the game or fail even one of the riddles and your only option will be to buy the Scythe for 450 Coin.

Here are the answers for Ida's Game of Riddles -- skip over this quote block if you don't want to spoil the answers for yourself!

Riddle 1: What disappears the second you say its name?

Answer 1: Silence

Riddle 2: Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die. What am I?

Answer 2: Fire

Riddle 3: I can fly but have no wings. I can cry but I have no eyes. Wherever I go, darkness follows me. What am I?

Answer 3: A Cloud

The riddles are easy enough to answer on their own. Whether you solved the riddles yourself, used my help, or paid to get the Scythe back, it's time to return Uniegost's Scythe to its original owner. Head back over the river to Gostovia and give it to Uniegost. This concludes the quest and kicks off Uniegost's Story III.

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide - Uniegost's Story III

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost's Story III Quest Guide

The next part of this Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide is (as you might expect) Uniegost's Story III. Uniegost tells you that Sambor has requested your presence, so it's time to trudge all the way back up to his house in the north. Here are your objectives:

  • Talk to: Sambor
  • Find the Owl
  • Go back to Sambor
  • Wait for the next day

Head north to Sambor's house as you did before. He tells you that he no longer hunts animals and is being kept up at night by an Owl. Head into the nearby woods and you'll quickly discover an oddly man-shaped Owl named Awos. Once Awos learned who he was tormenting with his noises (a legendarily brutal fighter named Sambor), he spills the beans: he was hired by a man named Wolrad who lives in Tutki.

Turns out, Sambor knows Wolrad: he's a former companion, and it appears that he was playing a bit of a prank on an old friend. Sambor asks you to return the next day while he prepared a special surprise. When the next day arrives, you'll find that you've completed Uniegost's Story III and moved on to the next part.

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide - Uniegost's Story IV

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost's Story IV Quest Guide

Uniegost's Story IV is the next part of the Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide -- you have to return to Sambor. He'll have a "Mysterious Parcel" that he wants you to deliver to his friend Wolrad in Tutki.

Here are your objectives:

  • Go back to Sambor
  • Deliver to: Wolrad - Mysterious Parcel x1 (1)
  • Bring 1000 Logs
  • Talk to: Amanda
    • Deal with the cow situation
    • Deliver to Amanda: Meat x30 (0)
  • Talk to: Wolrad
  • Talk to: Uniegost

Head West to Tutki and speak with Wolrad. Wolrad reveals why the "Mysterious Package" took a day for Sambor to prepare: you've been hauling around a literal sack of... human excrement. Wolrad has been pranking Sambor for many years, and he also happens to immediately recognize you as his old friend's nephew.

Wolrad informs you that your uncle was formerly the Castellan before Uniegost took the post, and he offers the opportunity to hear another story from your uncle's past, but he needs your help first. Wolves have been prowling the area, so he wants to build a palisade and he asks you to bring him some Logs. Specifically, he asks you to bring him one thousand Logs.

You'll need to chop down 500 of the nearby Birch Trees to meet this goal. Alternatively, you can remember that Wolrad is an infamous prankster and he's pulling your leg. Talk to him again and he'll instead ask you to kill his aging cow; you'll have to talk to his wife Amanda first.

Amanda explains that Wolrad can't bear to kill the cow. You have two options: kill the cow or don't kill the kill. Should you choose to kill it, you'll get a bit of Dynasty Reputation. However, Wolrad doesn't really want the Cow dead -- if you convince his wife not to kill it, you'll earn a greater amount of Dynasty Reputation.

Not killing the Cow, however, causes a problem: his family is going to be short on edible Meat. You can instead mention that you're a pretty decent Hunter and offer to collect 30 pieces of Meat instead. You can find Rabbits, Deer, Foxes, and Boars in the forest surrounding the town; killing 2-3 Deer or 4-5 Boar should get you enough Meat. Return the Meat to Amanda and you'll get another chunk of Dynasty Reputation along with a Potion of Health.

Return to Wolrad and he'll be ecstatic that you didn't kill his precious Cow. As promised, he'll reward you with a tale from your uncle Iordan's past and explain how he joined their party of adventurers. You must then return all the way back to Gostovia and speak with Uniegost once again.

Uniegost tells you about Kestrel, the fifth (and final) member of their group and the only woman in the bunch. He relates a heart-wrenching tale about love and loss and eventually tells you that he is uncertain as to where she lives these days. You'll have to head back up to ol' grumpy Sambor once again and speak with him, kicking off Uniegost's Story V.

Before you head back to Sambor, stop by the Herbalist vendor in Baranica and purchase a Potion of Sobriety -- you'll need it for the next part of this  Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide! Alternatively, you can craft one if you've unlocked the recipe and have the ingredients.

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide - Uniegost's Story V

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost's Story V Quest Guide

The Uniegost Story Quest Guide continues with Uniegost's Story V, a thrilling adventure where Sambor sends you out into the world to... buy him groceries? Here are your objectives:

  • Talk to: Sambor
  • Beetroot: 0/20
  • Onion: 0/20
  • Cabbage: 0/20
  • Carrot: 0/20
  • Go to Hornica to find Kestrel.
  • Potion of Sobriety: 0/1

Before you leave Gostovia, purchase the aforementioned items from the Farmer vendor. They will cost you a total of 300 Coins if you don't have any skills in Barter. Then, head up to Sambor and speak with him once again. He'll tell you that Kestrel is in Hornica, south of Gostovia.

Now, I know what you may be thinking: why not simply bypass Sambor and head to Hornica first? After all, you could simply search each town without his help and find her eventually thanks to Inspector Mode's ability to identify people. Unfortunately, Kestrel will simply mutter nonsense about fire, black and blue, and some lyrics to Kansas' "Carry on My Wayward Son." (No, really.)

No matter what you do, you'll have to complete Sambor's errand first; only then can you visit Kestrel in Hornic and actually progress the quest. If you haven't yet purchased or crafted that Potion of Sobriety, now's the time to do it; you can buy it at Herbalist vendors in Baranica and Rolnica.

This time, you'll find that Kestrel is untroubled by mid-1970's classic rock. She is, however, still rambling quite a bit and very drunk. Give her the Potion of Sobriety and she'll come to her senses. Kestrel reveals that she believes your uncle was murdered and asks you to seek out the Medic who examined his body, moving us on to the next part of the quest.

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide - Uniegost's Story VI

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost's Story VI Quest Guide

Kestrel gives you the next step for the Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide. Uniegost's Story VI begins with you tracking down the Medic who examined your uncle Iordan after his death. Your objectives are as follows:

  • Talk to: Dyter
  • Talk to: Kestrel
  • Talk to: Domagoj
  • Talk to: Domagoj
  • Deliver to: Kestrel -
    • Coin x500 (0)
    • Dried Meat x20 (0)
    • Waterskin with Water x1 (0)

Head into the woods west of town; you can find Dyter in the northwest portion of the yellow circle. He'll tell you that he's in fear for his life and needs to escape the Valley. Return to Kestrel and she'll promise to arrange a Horse for him, but you'll need to find him some protection. Fortunately, a man named Domagoj in Jezerica owes her a favor.

Head west to find Domagoj. Take care moving through the mountains as there are wolves in the area! Domagoj says that he's willing to help, but unfortunately, he's missing his Iron Crossbow -- that kicks off the Side Quest Angler Without a Cause.

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide - Angler Without a Cause Quest Guide

Angler Without a Cause Quest Guide

The Angler WIthout a Cause Quest has you attempting to retrieve Domagoj's Crossbow after he lost a Riddle Game to Ada. There are two solutions:

  1. Buy a new Iron Crossbow from a Smithy Vendor and give it to Tomagoj. You'll fail the quest and lose a bit of Dynasty Reputation, but you'll complete it.
  2. Head all the way up to Borowo and get Domagoj's Crossbow from Ada.

If you do decide to head up to Borowo, hit up the Fishing Vendor first and buy 20 Fish Meat for 120 Coin -- Ada won't have any more riddles for you and instead requests that you give her 20 Fish Meat. Alternatively, you can catch it yourself if you're already familiar with Fishing. (The only Fishing Vendor is in the game is in Jezerica, so don't expect to easily find the Fish Meat somewhere else!)

Go all the way back up to Borowo, talk to Ada, give her the Fish Meat, and get the Crossbow. Then, return to Jezerica and give Domagoj his Crossbow back.

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide - Finishing Uniegost's Story VI

Finishing Uniegost's Story VI

Now it's time to actually finish Uniegost's Story VI. You have to acquire the following items for Kestrel to supply Dyter's trip to another land:

  • Coin x500
  • Dred Meat x20
  • Waterskin with Water x1

Fortunately, you can purchase all of these things at the Tavern in Jezernica. You'll need to spend a fair amount of Coin to get it, but it's a necessity for progressing this quest. Once you hand Kestrel the items, you'll kick off Part VII.

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide - Uniegost's Story VII

Medieval Dynasty Uniegost's Story VII Quest Guide

We're almost done with the Medieval Dynasty Uniegost Quest Guide -- let's get moving on Uniegost's Story VII! Here are your objectives:

  • Talk to: Dyter
  • Talk to: Uniegost

Return to Dyter and tell him that he has everything he needs to leave. He'll have a conversation and tell you a terrible secret: your uncle Iordan was indeed murdered -- and by none other than his old friend (and the current Castellan) Uniegost. It's time to get some answers: head back to Gostovia and speak with Uniegost.

Uniegost confesses to murdering your uncle Iordan. You can find out his reasons why, but you're ultimately faced with four choices:

  1. I understand you. Your reasons. It required a strong will and a good heart to do what you did. But the blood has been spilled. You should leave the valley and never come back.
  2. You don't deserve forgiveness. Killing your family, just because you think it's right... But I will not let you die a self-proclaimed martyr. You will live with the guilt of what you've done. Until the time gets you itself. You are banished from the valley.
  3. You were right. Everything is soaked in grey. I don't condemn you for your decision. However, you took a man's life. And by the law of the King it is punishable by death.
  4. You are a murderer. None of your lies will change that. The only thing you deserve is death. You will be hanged for what you've done. And I hope you will never know rest.

Choosing either Option 1 or Option 2 will result in Uniegost leaving the Valley forever, along with his wife Dobroniega. Choosing Option 3 or Option 4 will result in Uniegost being executed for his crimes and Dobroniega will disappear, too.

In either case, Uniegost is replaced by a man named Waldebert as the Castellan, and Dobroniega's job at the Tavern is taken over by Skarbimira, bringing this epic, multi-part story to a close.

Unfortunately, I can't say for certain what happens to Dobroniega's Quest if you haven't completed it by now. As I've warned you before, make sure to complete Dobroniega's Quest before finishing up the final part!

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