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This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Medieval Dynasty Building, including where to build first, how to increase the Building Limit, and about the mysterious Excavation Shed.

How Medieval Dynasty Building Works

Medieval Dynasty Building is probably a little different than most games you're used to. You can't build custom buildings from the ground up, but you're not restricted to the exact same building design every time, either.

Let's start with the basics of Medieval Dynasty Building -- here's what you need to know to place a Building down:

  • You must complete the game's first quest by speaking with the Castellan Uniegost to get permission for Building.
  • You must have unlocked the Building.
  • You must have all of the resources (such as Wood, Straw, and Sticks) to get the Building started.
  • Medieval Dynasty Building can't be too close to an existing Town.
  • The ground must be level.
  • There must not be any obstacles (such as Roads, Trees, Tree Stumps, or other Buildings) in the way.

You'll be able to place a Building down as long as you meet all of those conditions. However, you're actually just building the frame -- you'll need to fill in the walls and ceiling with additional materials. In the case of the Houses, you'll also have the option to change the wall material; Stone Walls will provide higher insulation and make your villagers happier.

Medieval Dynasty Building Guide - What to Build First

What to Build First in Medieval Dynasty

What should you build first in Medieval Dynasty? As with all things, that depends on how you are playing the game and what you want to do.

Whatever you do, your very first building should probably be a House. This will give you a small amount of storage, a convenient Campfire for cooking, and a Bed to sleep in. Critically, you cannot restore your Health unless you sleep in a Bed.

Beyond that, your next step depends on your strategy. If you want to try Farming, you should probably start with a Barn as soon as you can unlock it. A Food Storage and Resource Storage would be a good idea if you want to get People to move in as soon as reasonably possible. And if you want to fly solo for a while, it wouldn't be a bad idea to erect some Crafting structures such as the Workshop or Smithy -- provided that you've unlocked them, of course.

Medieval Dynasty Building Guide - Where to Build First

Where to Build in Medieval Dynasty

Now that you know how Medieval Dynasty Building works, the next question is this: where should you build in Medieval Dynasty? There's no one right answer, but here are some suggestions:

  • Your town should have Water nearby.
  • It should be near one or more existing towns to make shopping easy.
  • There should be abundant Trees nearby to supply your town with Wood.
  • Having animals nearby (such as Deer or Boar) can make topping up your Food supply easier. The same goes for food spawns such as Berries and Mushrooms.
  • It's challenging to build a town on steep land, so try to find somewhere relatively flat.
  • Building near a Cave will make Mining a lot easier.
  • Consider avoiding dangerous animals such as Wolves and Bears -- if they're nearby, you might have a hard time working in your town.

Medieval Dynasty Building Guide - How to Increase the Building Limit

How to Increase the Medieval Dynasty Building Limit

Here's how to increase the Medieval Dynasty Building Limit: complete the "Chapter" quests that you get after you've finished the game's first quest. Some of the completed Chapters will add 5 or so more buildings to your total.

There is some confusion about the Medieval Dynasty Building Limit, too, so let's get that cleared up: your Dynasty Reputation has absolutely no effect on increasing the Building Limit. The only way to increase your Building Limit is by progressing through the Chapter quests.

There is a maximum limit, too, but you can increase it beyond the default setting by using Cheats. Keep in mind that a higher Building Limit may severely impact your performance!

Medieval Dynasty Building Guide - Excavation Shed

What is the Medieval Dynasty Excavation Shed?

The Medieval Dynasty Excavation Shed is a building that allows villagers to collect a bunch of different materials. These include Stone and Limestone, resources that are critical for building the best House possible.

Take note that this building can be useful on its own even if you have no one to work in it -- it comes with a Chest, and that will give you a little extra storage room if you need it.

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