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This guide will tell you how Medieval Dynasty Cheats work, how you can use them to make your game easier, and whether or not you can access the dev console. You'll be able to enable cheats on PC, PS5, and Xbox!

Medieval Dynasty can be a tough game, especially once you've finished Building the basics and you need to grind for resources and money. However, this is a game that's only as hard as you want it to be -- read on to learn how to use built-in Cheats to make your experience a little easier!

How Medieval Dynasty Cheats Work - PC, PS5, and Xbox

Medieval Dynasty Cheats can change your game settings to make your overall experience easier -- or more difficult, if you wish. You can customize Medieval Dynasty by selecting the "Customise Game" option when you're starting a new game. These settings are available for PC, PS5, and Xbox players.

All Cheats (and other gameplay customization options) can be set to whatever you like at the start of a new game. However, some settings will only take effect at the start of a new Season. Be careful not to set your Seasons too long if you want to experiment with different settings!

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How to Customize Your Game with Medieval Dynasty Cheats and Settings

Here's a list of settings in the Customise Game menu that allow you to turn various Medieval Dynasty Cheats on or off. If you're looking to change some of these settings for a game in progress, keep in mind that some of these will only have their changes take effect when a new Season begins.

Only Available When Starting a New Game

  • Difficulty - This changes the settings of the various options and Cheats in this menu between several different preset choices. This option is only available when you're starting a new game.

Applied Instantly in an Active Game

  • Taxes - How much tax you're charged for Buildings and crop fields.
  • Buildings Limit - The maximum number of Buildings you can have. A large number of Buildings may slow down your PC, so use this one with caution!
  • Events - Turn Events on or off. Events can have random positive or negative effects on your game.
  • Unlimited HP - Turn invulnerability on or off.
  • Unlimited Stamina - Turn Stamina consumption on or off.
  • Lack of Hunger - Turn the need to eat Food on or off.
  • Lack of Thirst - Turn the need to drink Water on or off.
  • Unlimited Carry Weight - Turn infinite carry weight on or off.
  • Poisoning - Turn the Poison status effect on or off. If this is unchecked, you will be immune from Poison.
  • Temperature - Turn the Temperature system on or off. If this is unchecked, you won't suffer negative effects from being too warm or too cold.
  • Fast Crafting - If enabled, you'll Craft all of your items in one cycle rather than one cycle per item.
  • Fast Building - If this is checked, you can Build anything instantly with a single hit of your Hammer.
  • XP Gain Multiplier - Raise or lower the amount of XP you gain.
  • Technology Gain Multiplier - Raise or lower the amount of Technology you gain.
  • Dynasty Reputation Multiplier - Raise or lower the amount of Dynasty Reputation you gain.
  • Stop Dropped Items from Spoiling - If this is checked, items you drop on the ground will not spoil during Season changes.

Applied After a New Season Starts

  • Length of Season (Days) - How many days a Season lasts. The devs strongly advise that you leave this at its default.
  • Inhabitants - Food Needs - Raise or lower the Food needs for the People in your village. At 0%, you won't need to supply Food to your People.
  • Inhabitants - Water Needs - Raise or lower the Water needs for the People in your village. At 0%, you won't need to supply Water to your People.
  • Inhabitants - Wood Needs -  Raise or lower the Wood needs for the People in your village. At 0%, you won't need to supply Wood to your People.
  • Bandits - Turn Bandits on or off.
  • Bandits - HP - Raise or lower the HP of Bandits.
  • Bandits - Damage - Raise or lower the damage of Bandits.
  • Animals - HP - Raise or lower the HP of Animals.
  • Animals - Damage - Raise or lower the damage of Animals.

Is There a Medieval Dynasty Dev Console?

Unfortunately, the Medieval Dynasty Dev Console appears to be disabled by default. On the upside, you probably won't need it -- the developers have built some Medieval Dynasty Cheats right into the game!

Thanks for reading our guide on Medieval Dynasty cheats and the dev console. Check out our other guides below!


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