Do Medieval Dynasty Trees Grow Back?

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Do Medieval Dynasty Trees grow back? Wood is an essential component in this village-building survival game and you can run out surprisingly fast if you're not careful.

Medieval Dynasty is, at a basic level, a survival game -- you're trying to literally establish your own dynasty by getting married and having a kid. However, a key component of the game is the ability to build a village and invite people to live in your town. You're going to need a lot of Wood to do that, too, and trees don't exactly pop right back up.

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Do Medieval Dynasty Trees Grow Back?

Yes, Medieval Dynasty Trees grow back as far as we can tell. I haven't experienced this firsthand, but player reporting on Reddit and the Steam Community indicates that trees will eventually return in 2–3 years under one condition: you have to make sure not to destroy the Stumps.

Granted, picking up a Stump with a Shovel can score you an extra Log. However, you should avoid doing this unless you absolutely need to build in that exact spot the Stump occupies; you may very well need that Tree again in the future when it regrows.

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Lumberjacks Can Solve Your Wood Problems in Medieval Dynasty

Suppose you've messed up and don't have many more nearby Trees remaining -- what are you to do? Don't forget, Medieval Dynasty allows you to build and populate a village, and one of those People can take on a job as a Lumberjack at a Wood Shed.

Once hired, a Lumberjack will head out and whack some Trees for Wood. Critically, Lumberjacks do not appear to actually destroy any trees. This means that you'll be able to have some Wood income taken care of by one of your People without necessarily worrying about losing Trees.

Granted, this might change in the future. Even then, you certainly don't want to have to run hundreds of meters away to get the Wood you need to stay warm in the Winter. Take care not to set up your buildings too far away from the woods!

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