Medieval Dynasty Bow Guide and Linen Thread Guide

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Medieval Dynasty Bow Guide and Linen Thread Guide - cover

The Medieval Dynasty Bow and Crossbow are both powerful tools, but you may need Linen Thread to make it. This guide will tell you everything you need to know -- and where you can find a free one.

How to Make a Medieval Dynasty Bow

You can make a Medieval Dynasty Bow at a Hunting Lodge with Crafting. You can make Crossbows, too, but those can only be Crafted at the Smithy (which takes a little longer to unlock.

Hunting Lodge I gets unlocked well before Smithy I; erecting this building also happens to serve as one of the objectives for the first few Quests in the game. Bows are pretty easy to Craft with the exception of Linen Thread; read on to learn more about that material.

Where to Buy a Bow in Medieval Dynasty

You can buy Bows and Crossbows in Medieval Dynasty from Blacksmiths Vendors. You can find Blacksmiths in Lesnica and Hornica. Additionally, you can buy Bows (but not Crossbows) from Hunter Vendors in Lesnica and Tutki.

Medieval Dynasty Bow Guide and Linen Thread Guide - Liinen Thread

How to Make Medieval Dynasty Linen Thread

Medieval Dynasty Linen Thread is a critical component for crafting your own Bows. Considering the abundance of Wood, it's much cheaper to purchase Linen Thread and then gather the remaining materials to make a Bow of your own.

Making Linen Thread in Medieval Dynasty is a little more challenging as it involves Farming. Here's what you have to do:

  1. Plant Flax in one of your fields and wait for it to grow.
  2. Harvest the Flax and Thresh it on the Threshing Floor in a Barn; this will give you Flax Stalks.
  3. Convert the Flax Stalks into Linen Thread in a Sewing Hut. 10 Flax Stalks make 1 Linen Thread.

Naturally, you can also assign People from your village to work the Fields and other buildings to automatically grow and harvest these materials for you.

Where to Buy Linen Thread in Medieval Dynasty

You can buy Linen Thread in Medieval Dynasty from Seamster Vendors in Branica, Denica, or Hornica.

Medieval Dynasty Bow Guide and Linen Thread Guide - free Bow

How to Get a Free Bow in Medieval Dynasty

You can get a free Bow in Medieval Dynasty by heading to the right side of the lake southeast of Denica. Simply examine the overturned cart at the crossroads east of the lake and you'll see a regular Bow along with two Stone Arrows free for the taking with no consequences.

It should be noted that some players -- including myself -- have reported that the free Medieval Dynasty Bow does not always spawn in this location. It's unclear if this is a random event or if there is some kind of trigger to get it to spawn, but I do know that several people have seen a Bow in this exact location; it can't hurt to take a peek and see if it's there!

Odds are, this is not the only free Bow or Crossbow in the game, either; you may be able to find or steal one elsewhere in the world. Explore every nook and cranny and you're sure to find some interesting stuff!

Medieval Dynasty Bow Guide and Linen Thread Guide - Crossbow

List of Medieval Dynasty Bows and Crossbows

Bow/Crossbow Name Damage Durability Weight Value
Bow 35 100 1.25 90
Longbow 55 200 1.25 230
Recurve Bow 45 250 1.25 320
Wooden Crossbow 40 150 1 150
Iron Crossbow 70 400 1.25 730

List of Medieval Dynasty Arrows and Bolts

Arrow/Bolt Name Damage Durability Weight Value
Stone Arrow 25 3 0.01 7
Copper Arrow 35 5 0.01 9
Bronze Arrow 45 7 0.01 11
Iron Arrow 55 9 0.01 13
Wooden Bolt 35 6 0.01 7
Copper Bolt 45 8 0.01 9
Bronze Bolt 60 10 0.01 11
Iron Bolt 75 12 0.01 13

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