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It’s really not easy starting your own medieval settlement, as we’ve found out before, but as long as you take care of the basics, then you can at least be sure you’re probably going to survive. Other than shelter, one of the most basic needs you’ll have is a steady supply of food, and the best way to do that is farming. If you’re looking for a few pointers on how best to get started farming, then our Medieval Dynasty farming guide is your best bet. 

How to Farm in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty Farming Guide
The main tool necessary in farming is the hoe. 

The first thing you’ll need for farming is the right tools, which means making yourself a hoe. To start off with you’re best just making a wooden hoe, which only requires 1 log and 5 sticks to make. Typically that means that you can make one by chopping down any single tree that happens to be nearby, assuming you’ve already got a wooden axe.

Use the tool menu in your crafting wheel to create the hoe. Once you’ve got it made, plot out where you actually want to create your first farm. The land needs to be relatively flat or you want to be able to place your farm there. With your area selected, once again use the crafting wheel and find the building > farming > field selection. This allows you to select your plot(s) use a foot-by-foot grid. 

Once you’ve selected and cornered off the square fields you want, right-click each square with your hoe to plow the land.  Congratulations, you have the first step under control. Next, we’re going to need a few more things to get ready for the next step. Some seeds and some fertilizer, and in medieval times, you can probably figure out how we’re going to get it. 

Medieval Dynasty Farming Guide - Where to Get Fertilize

There are a couple of different ways to get a fertalizer. The easiest and cheapest method is to earn Farming XP by plowing a lot of land, then build the barn. With the barn workbench, you can craft fertilizer using manure and a simple bag. 

Manure is available, cheaply all year round in every settlement. You can find the farming vendor by looking for the bag and wheat symbol on your compass. In some seasons, these sellers may also be selling fertilizer, but it will cost you more than the manure. 

Who Sells Seeds?

Medieval Dynasty - Farming Vendors
If you're trying to buy farming supplies, look out for this farming vendor symbol on your compass. 

The final missing ingredient for farming in Medieval Dynasty is seeds. Once again, you can find your farming vendor in each settlement that will be selling all the different seeds you’ll need. For example, in the first settlement that you come to, Gostovia, you can find Edwin in a barn next door to the tavern. 

You’ll also have to make sure you’re buying seeds for the right time of year. Each type of seed can only be planted in certain seasons. You can check out the chart below to see which seeds are planted in each season. 

Spring Beetroot, Cabbage, Carrot, Poppy, Flax, Oat, Onion, Wheat
Summer Cabbage,
Autumn Rye, Wheat
Winter Carrot,

Medieval Dynasty - Sowing Seeds

Medieval Dynasty - Sowing
Make sure you only sow seeds that you can actually harvest when they're done. 

Now that you’ve got it all together, go to your nicely turned field and equip a simple bag to your hot bar. Fertilizer should already be selected, but if it’s not, right-click with the bag equipped, and go to Field > Fertilizer. Now you can left-click on your grubbed field to fertilize it. 

Get back in there with the hoe to finish plowing your field, and you can finally sow your seeds. With the bag equipped, right-click for the radial menu again and goto fields > “...seeds” and left-click plowed fields to sow your seeds. 

Your seeds will grow between seasons. Check your crops when a season changes and see if any of them are ready for harvesting. To harvest vegetables, you can use your bare hands, but if you’ve planted grains, you need to get your hands on a scythe from somewhere. If you’ve already done a couple of side missions for Dobroniega, then you can find one in one of the knocked-over carts on the road. 

You also have the option of stealing one from a vendor if you can find someone selling one. It’s also possible to borrow the one from the quest Unigost sends you on. Or only ever plant vegetables like cabbage, carrots, and onions to avoid the need for a scythe entirely. 

More Help with Medieval Dynasty

In the future, you'll be able to automate your farm once your settlement has other villagers living in it. If you're struggling in other areas, like hunting, you should check out some of our other Medievil Dynasty guides. Like our bow and Linen Thread guide,to make hunting a bit more feasible. We also have a guide on making money in case you're feeling a little broke so far. 


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