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In this Medieval Dynasty Mining Guide, I'll tell you everything you need to know to get Salt, Copper, Tin, Bronze, and Iron in this village-building survival game.

How Medieval Dynasty Mining Works

Medieval Dynasty Mining is pretty straightforward -- you need to simply find a hole in the side of a cliff somewhere, light a torch, and start whacking whatever rocks look interesting.

Unfortunately, doing things this way has two problems. First, you can't assign villagers to work in Cave; you're going to need a build a Mine first. Secondly, you won't have any access to Iron whatsoever until you build a Mine.

How to Find a Mine in Medieval Dynasty

You do not find a Medieval Dynasty mine; rather, you build one in a Cave. You'll need to find a Cave before you can start mining.

Medieval Dynasty Mining Guide - Mine

How to Build a Mine in Medieval Dynasty

You're going to need to build a Mine if you want to make the most of your Medieval Dynasty Mining. Believe it or not, the hardest part of building a Mine is getting the necessary Technology Points to unlock it -- it takes a massive 5,000 Building Points to unlock the Mine.

Once the Mine is unlocked, you'll need the following materials:

  • 10 Logs
  • 12 Planks

And that's it. Head to one of the Caves, build the Mine, and you'll instantly be able to enter or assign workers to this location.

Medieval Dynasty Mining Guide - Ore

How to Get Salt, Copper, Tin, and Bronze in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty Mining can get you Salt, Copper Ore, and Tin Ore in the depths of a Cave; simply head into any of the game's Cave and use your Pickaxe on the resource deposits.

Of course, that Ore isn't very useful for Crafting unless you have a way to turn it into Bars. You're going to need to build a Smithy somewhere to make Copper Bars and Tin Bars, and those two items can be combined to make Bronze Bars.

How to Get Medieval Dynasty Iron

There's one final question to consider -- where do you get Medieval Dynasty Iron? Unfortunately, it's buried deep underground and the only way to access it is to build a Mine in a Cave.

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