Icarus Resource Class Guide

Hunting in Icarus


Icarus Resource Class Guide

December 5, 2021

By: Jessica Thomas


Icarus is a game that heavily relies on you to delve into its survival system in order to progress. This means that not only does your group need to worry about combat classes, but players will need to focus on different resource gathering classes as well. To help you get acquainted and decide which class would benefit you most, the guide will detail all of the Icarus resource classes available to you.

What do Resource Classes do in Icarus?

Resource classes are focused on gathering items from animals, mining, and by cutting down trees. There are three different types of resource classes in Icarus:

  • Hunting
  • Logging
  • Mining

Each of the classes is pretty self-explanatory in what they deal with. If you're a logger, you get wood, and if you're a hunter, you hunt animals.

Resource Class Tree.


Tips for Resource Classes

The three resource gathering classes do have a bit of crossover when it comes to things like choosing talents to increase carry weight. Other than these small cross-overs, the classes have very different talents to unlock. To help you choose which class is best for you, here is a small guide to each class.

Hunting Resource Class

Hunting is a class that often finds itself crossing over with ranged combat. You can hunt using just about any tool, but bows, knives, and guns are easily the most effective. If you plan on doing the hunting for your group, then consider unlocking these talents to help you out:

  • Without a Sound
  • Swift Stalker
  • Running With Knives
  • Dense Packing
  • Chase'em Down

In addition to these, you will want to unlock the talent for sensing small, medium, and large animals. This will greatly cut down the time it takes you to hunt down your prey. In addition, consider the Strong Shoulders talent as it will allow you to move faster when carrying home an animal.

Logging Resource Class

Logging is a pretty simple class, you make an axe, and you get to chopping trees. As you have likely found out though, wood is always a needed supply, so loggers are an essential part of any group structure. If you are thinking about choosing logging, then check out the following talents:

  • Speed Chopper
  • Lumber Yield
  • Extra Sharp
  • Lumberjack Endurance
  • Movin Wood

Seasoned Logman can also save you time by automatically picking up the wood that you've chopped. Wood Breakdown can also be useful as it gives you the ability to turn harvested wood into sticks.

Mining Resource Class

Mining doesn't just mean that you are going to be picking away at normal rocks or gathering oxide. You will need to be gathering special types of ore and venturing into caves, which tend to have cave worms waiting to attack you. Here are some recommended talents for those who are choosing the mining class:


  • Rock Star
  • Picksmith
  • Dense Packing
  • Slinging Stone
  • Speedy Mining

You will also want to pick-up Mining Endurance and Metal Miner to help out with your build. If you want to be a team player, also unlock the talent Oxygen Theif to guarantee you always get a large oxide harvest.

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