Icarus 'Searchlight: Scan' Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide

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Icarus 'Searchlight: Scan' Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide - cover

This Icarus Searchlight: Scan Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide will tell you how to make the trek across the Arctic and scan three key locations while staying alive.

What You Need For the Icarus Searchlight: Scan Prospect Mission

The Icarus Searchlight: Scan Prospect mission is going to take you even deeper into the Arctic biome.

  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Axe
  • Campfire
  • Bedroll
  • Stone Knife
  • Wood Bow
  • Stone Arrows
  • Bone Arrows
  • Wood Spear
  • Bone Spear
  • All Wood building pieces
  • Wood Ladder
  • All Cloth armor pieces
  • Bandages
  • Wood Repair Hammer
  • Crafting Bench
  • Waterskin

Additionally, it is strongly recommended (but not required) to have the following:

  • Rain Reservoir
  • Oxidizer
  • Skinning Bench
  • Textiles Bench
  • All Fur armor pieces

How to Unlock the Icarus Searchlight: Scan Prospect Mission

You can unlock the Icarus Searchlight: Scan Prospect mission by completing the Icarus Icestorm: Expedition Prospect mission.

Icarus 'Searchlight: Scan' Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide - map

Icarus Searchlight: Scan Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide

There's a lot of prep to do this time!

Setting Up

You'll land in a familiar area from an earlier Prospect. Craft the following tools:

  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Axe
  • Wood Spear
  • Bow
  • 30 Stone Arrows
  • Stone Knife

Unfortunately, this area also has no water whatsoever -- a Rain Reservoir is strongly recommended for collecting rain or melting Ice. Build a small cabin with a Crafting Bench, Skinning Bench, Textiles Bench, Campfire, and Bedroll at the point indicated on the map. Place a Rain Reservoir outside, ideally on a raised platform.

Next, start hunting like mad. You're going to need enough Fur to build at least 3 additional Bedrolls total (and ideally, a full set of Fur Armor). Make an Oxidizer and a couple of Waterskins if you have it, too.

After you've done a fair amount of hunting, craft the following items:

  • 4 Wood Roof/Ramps
  • 14 Wood Walls
  • 4 Wood Floors
  • 16 Wood Beams
  • 8 Wood Wall Angled
  • 4 Wood Ladders
  • 3 Bedrolls
  • 3 Campfires
  • 3 Wood Repair Hammers

Additionally, gather the following materials:

  • 20 Cooked Meat
  • 2 Filled Waterskins
  • 100 Stick
  • 200 Fiber
  • 100 Wood
  • 30 Stone
  • 50 Oxite

Now you're ready to get moving. Make sure to set your spawn point to the Bedroll in your first cabin -- you won't be back for a while.

Collect Radar from Supply Pod

Head into the Arctic Biome and collect the Radar from the Supply Pod. If you encounter a Polar Bear, stay far away from it and sneak if it gets closer to you.

If a storm happens, use your building materials to quickly build a small shelter on stilts. If the weather is clear, proceed to Scan Location 1.

Icarus 'Searchlight: Scan' Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide - Stilt House
You're going to build several of these "stilt houses." They'll serve as shelter from storms, a spawn point, and a last-ditch defense against Polar Bears.

Scan Location 1

When you have Scan Location 1 in sight, walk at least 30-40 meters away and build a stilt house near a cliff wall, ideally on higher ground if possible. You'll use the following pieces to build it:

  • 4 Wood Beam
  • 1 Wood Floor (with a hole in the bottom)
  • 1 Wood Ladder
  • 4 Wood Wall
  • 2 Wood Wall Angled
  • 1 Wood Roof/Ramp
  • 1 Campfire
  • 1 Bedroll

Set your spawn point to this new Bedroll. If it's after 18:00, sleep until it is morning.

Move to Scan Location 1. Place the Scanner, activate it, and run back towards your stilt house. A single Polar Bear will attack the Radar, but it will eventually give up; wait for it to move away, sneak back to the Radar, and reactivate it. Pick up the Radar and move to Scan Location 2.

Scan Location 2

Repeat the same process at Scan Location 2 -- build a Stilt House 30-40 meters away, set your spawn point inside, and activate the radar. I didn't see what animal spawned due to a bug. Avoid or kill the animal if possible, finish the scan, and head to Scan Location 3.

Scan Location 3

Scan Location 3 is a little more challenging -- this location is on top of a large rock. Fortunately, you also are on the other border of the Arctic biome.

Build your stilt house in the Forest biome; this will reduce concerns about Polar Bears and nasty weather. Then, start chopping down trees -- you're going to need to build quite the contraption to get up to Scan Location 3:

Icarus 'Searchlight: Scan' Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide - platforms
You're going to need to build some scaffolding similar to the image on the right to reach Scan Location 3. Don't attempt to parkour your way up this mountain -- there are virtually no footholds and you're likely to fall to your death.

Don't dally about Scanning - an Arctic Storm will quickly trash the structure and you'll have to repair or rebuild it.

Start the Scan and retreat if you like. This time, the enemy is a Snow Leopard; it seems no different than a Cougar except for its color and you should be able to fight it one-on-one.

Once the scan is done, start heading back. Make sure to stop at each of your stile houses and update your spawn point -- you don't want to have to walk through the Arctic Biome more than you need to. Launch the Dropship and you're done!

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