Icarus 'Livewire: Terrain Scan' Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide

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Our Icarus Livewire Terrain Scan Prospect Mission Walkthrough Guide will tell you how to complete the second Prospect mission in this survival game.

What You Need for the Icarus Livewire: Terrain Scan Prospect Mission

You should ideally be Level 5 or higher before trying to complete the mission objectives. You'll also want to ensure that you have the following items unlocked on the Tech Tree:

  • Campfire
  • Bedroll
  • Stone Knife
  • Wood Bow
  • Stone Arrows
  • Wood Beam
  • Wood Floor
  • Wood Wall
  • Wood Roof/Ramp

How to Unlock the Icarus Livewire: Terrain Scan Prospect Mission

You can unlock the Icarus Livewire: Terrain Scan Prospect mission by completing the Beachhead: Recon Prospect mission -- read our Beginner's Guide to learn how to beat that!

Icarus 'Livewire Terrain Scan' Prospect Mission Walkthrough Guide - map
The most ideal way to approach this mission is to tackle the objectives in this order: Scan Location 1, Scan Location 2, and Scan Location 3.

Icarus Livewire: Terrain Scan Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide

Completing the Icarus Livewire: Terrain Scan Prospect mission might seem easy enough at first glance. Don't be deceived -- you're about to have three challenging battles ahead.

Setting Up

As soon as you land, open up your map and zoom out. You'll see a crate on the map; go to it and retrieve the Radar. This is carried on your back in the "G" slot on your Hotbar.

Bug Warning - The Radar occupies your "back" slot -- make sure to drop the Radar before you try to carry any dead animals. We've encountered a bug where the Radar can disappear if you pick up an animal carcass while you're still carrying the Radar; if that happens, you may have to restart this Prospect mission.

Once you retrieve it, open up your map and zoom out -- you'll see that there are three waypoints arranged roughly in a diagonal fashion. Don't build or craft anything just yet -- we're going to move closer to the middle waypoint (which is Scan Location 1 ) and build there to start.

Scan Location 1

Location 1 will be slightly northeast of your drop. Head up to it and you'll see a hologram to show where you should place the Radar. Do not place it yet -- we're going to build a base first.

Continue heading northeast and you'll see a small lake. Build a 4x4 house out of Wood building pieces and put a roof on it. Hunt animals to gather the Leather and Fur for a Bedroll, place the Bedroll inside, and set it as your spawn point. Craft a Wood Bow and at least 30 or so Stone Arrows. You should also craft a Wood Spear in case you have to fight in melee.

Once you have the basics set up, move up closer to Scan Location 1. You're going to build a sort of mini-fort out of wood like this:

Icarus 'Livewire Terrain Scan' Prospect Mission Walkthrough Guide - fort
This fort design should provide just enough protection from the enemies that spawn when you activate the Radar.

7 of the 8 walls should have windows. The eighth wall will have a door to allow you access to the fort. Don't bother with a roof -- it's not necessary.

Place the radar on the hologram. Before you activate it, be warned -- two Bears will spawn a few seconds after it's activated. Turn the radar on and run into the mini fort you've built. Start shooting the Bears with arrows and kill them. Once their dead, turn the Radar back on to finish the scan. Then, pick up the Radar and you'll move Northeast to Scan Location 2.

Scan Location 2

Scan Location 2 is about 2-3 km northeast of Scan Location 1. Head northeast and then keep the mountain ridge on your right side, occasionally checking your map to ensure you're on course.

Once you get there, repeat the same process of setting up a fort as you did with Scan Location 2 -- this time, you're going to fight 3 Wolves. Place the Radar, activate it, and then run into your building. Kill the Wolves, reactivate the Radar, and start making the long check to the final point all the way to the southwest.

Scan Location 3

Unsurprisingly, Scan Location 3 will play out much the same -- you're going to make it to the location and set up a small hut with a Bedroll nearby. Then, get closer to the actual scan location and build the same fort as you already have done for the first two.

Once your fort is set up, get ready for another fight -- you're now going to fight two Cougars. Place the Radar, activate it, and then run back inside the fort, Kill the Cougars. Complete the scan, pick up the Radar, and start heading back to the Dropship. Jump into your Dropship to leave and that's it -- you've completed the  Icarus Livewire: Terrain Scan Prospect mission!

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