Icarus 'Incursion: Scan' Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide

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Icarus Incursion: Scan Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide - cover

This Icarus Incursion: Scan Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide will tell you how to survive the Riverlands and scan three key locations in an area filled with Bears.

What You Need For the Icarus Incursion: Scan Prospect Mission

The Icarus Incursion: Scan Prospect mission is going to take you into the Riverlands for quite some time. It's a dangerous area -- here's what you'll need to bring in.

  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Axe
  • Campfire
  • Bedroll
  • Stone Knife
  • Wood Bow
  • Stone Arrows
  • Bone Arrows
  • Wood Spear
  • Bone Spear
  • All Wood building pieces
  • Wood Ladder
  • All Cloth armor pieces
  • Wood Repair Hammer
  • Crafting Bench

Additionally, it can be helpful to have the following items unlocked:

  • Stone Furnace
  • Anvil Bench
  • Lightning Rod
  • All Stone Building pieces

How to Unlock the Icarus Incursion: Scan Prospect Mission

You can unlock the Icarus Incursion: Scan Prospect mission by completing the Waterfall: Expedition Prospect mission.

Icarus Incursion: Scan Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide - map

Icarus Incursion: Scan Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide

The Icarus Incursion: Scan Prospect mission isn't too challenging by itself, but the wildlife and the weather can be particularly unforgiving.

Setting Up

As usual, start off by crafting the basics:

  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Axe
  • Wood Spear
  • Wood Bow
  • 30+ Stone Arrows
  • Stone Knife

Collect Radar from Supply Pod

With those items in hand, head towards the Supply Pod and collect the Radar.

Scan Location 1

Radar in hand, start heading towards Scan Location 1. Keep in mind that there are Bears all over this forest -- do your best to avoid fighting them. If you can't, back away and try to kill them with arrows before they can close to melee range. Hunt animals along the way.

Don't worry about stopping and building a base just yet. However, there's a chance that a storm could come along. If you see "Thunderstorm," it's best to carve out a shelter by digging into the side of a large boulder and hiding underneath. Make sure to clear any nearby brush, too. If you see "Flash Storm," well, that's like a Thunderstorm -- except it comes in much faster, so you really don't have time to mess around.

Icarus Incursion: Scan Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide - Thunderstorm
You're safe from lightning as long as you're inside of a boulder. Make sure to clear any brush away from the entrance so you don't, y'know, die in a horrible fire.

Once you reach the location, craft the following items:

  • 20+ Wood Beams
  • 2 Wood Floors
  • 6 Wood Walls
  • 2 Wood Wall Angled
  • 2 Wood Roof/Ramps
  • 1 Wood Ladder
  • 1 Campfire
  • 1 Bedroll

Then, use these to erect a small tower that looks like this:

Icarus 'Incursion Scan' Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide - Tower
Little outposts like this can give you a measure of safety from Bears, but you'll still have to deal with them if they start attacking.

Place the Campfire and Bedroll inside and set your spawn point to the Bedroll. If there's a Bear nearby, kill it either by sniping it from afar or luring it to the tower and shooting it from above.

Place the Radar down on the Scan point and begin the Scan. A couple of Wolves will show, but they're easily dealt with. Once they're done, dismantle your building, pick up the Radar, and start heading south.

Set Up a Base Camp (Optional)

Optionally, you can set up a base camp at the location indicated on the map. There's a hidden cave around the area that is a good source of Iron and Copper, allowing you to upgrade some of your tools if you so choose -- a Longbow and Bone Arrows might not be a bad idea.

It's important to note that this is also your best chance to get the Iron and Copper needed to make Lightning Rods. It might not be a bad idea to bring a couple along with you just in case a Thunderstorm or Flash Storm comes along.

Scan Location 2

Location 2 isn't particularly remarkable. Follow the same procedure as Location 1 -- erect a tower 30-40 meters away from the scan location, put your Bedroll and Campfire inside, and set your spawn point inside.

Star the scan. Unfortunately, the enemies didn't spawn for me. I imagine you'd face some combination of Bears or Wolves, so be prepared! Once you're done, pack up and head west to the next point.

Scan Location 3

Location 3 is across a wide part of the river. Unfortunately, there will be a ton of animals on the other side. Lure any hostile animals into the water and bring them down with your Wood Spear or Arrows. Then, build another tower, set up your Bedroll and Campfire, and set your spawn point. It may be a good idea to build the tower in water -- it reduces the chances of animals being able to attack it.

Start the scan and run to a safe spot -- two Bears will spawn. Take them down, finish the scan, and you're almost home.

Return Home

With the third scan completed, all that's left to do is head back to the Dropship. Leave the tower behind at Scan Location 3, start heading north, and take off in the Dropship -- you're all done!

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