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Spear wielding in Icarus.

Icarus is a game that’s unique to the survival genre due to its real-time mission clock. Instead of building up a permanent base, you're building temporary ones to meet objectives for most of the game’s missions. The one thing that you are bringing back from planet Icarus each time is your character.  

Combat in Icarus

Combat in Icarus should be familiar to those who’ve fought in other survival crafting games. You start off with basic spears and bows, but over time you will unlock the ability to make more advanced weaponry like guns. To do this and prep your character for survival during harder missions, you will need to focus in on your or one of your party members concentrating their talent points into combat perks.

You have two combat types to choose from:

  • Melee: This is where you're going to get up close and personal with weapons like knives and spears.
  • Long-Range: This focuses on bow or gun use and getting kills from vantage points.

There are ups and downs to both builds, with the different fighting styles working differently depending on the type of player you are.

Combat talent tree
Combat Talent Trees

Here is a brief overview of what you will want to consider when establishing your combat class and investing talent points.


You're going to be getting up close and personal with enemies, which means that you need to be precise with your hits. Melee attacks naturally are in more danger of taking damage. Here are some talents you should consider investing into:

  • Heavy Hand
  • Running With Knives
  • Stay Right There
  • Silent Blade
  • 1000 Cuts
  • Deft Hands

You can also activate Hardy Blade to decrease the wear on knives.


Spears gives you more range than knives, which can be excellent for players who want a bit more reach. They have many similarities to attacking with a knife and will be a familiar weapon for most survival enthusiasts. 

  • Quick Draw
  • From Afar
  • Deadly Thrust
  • Strong Thrust
  • Quick Step

You can also invest in talents like There It Is to find thrown spears.


Long-range means that you have a smaller chance of taking damage as long as you can hit your target. This class will take a bit of practice, as not downing an enemy quickly means that they will run at you. There’s nothing worse for a close-combat situation than a ranged weapon. Try investing in these talents to make a deadly long-range build:

  • Without a Sound
  • Swift Survivor
  • Increased Arrow Damage
  • Easy Draw
  • Quick Load
  • Wounding Shot

In addition, you should look into investing in the talent Trained Bowsmith to decrease the amount of wear on your weapon.


Guns are the most powerful weapon you can get but don’t expect to see one until you sink dozens of hours into the game. Both guns and their ammunition are resource-heavy and expensive to craft. Here are some talents you should look into if you want to use guns:

  • Pistol Handling
  • Shotgun Souvenier
  • Gun Runner
  • Riffle Redress
  • Pistol Powerup 
  • Sharp Shooter

There are several more perks available, like ones that can help reduce your crafting costs. As you probably noticed, there are several different types of guns; it's up to you to figure out which one feels best in your character's hands.

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