Icarus 'El Camino: Expedition' Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide

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Icarus El Camino: Expedition Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide - cover

Our Icarus El Camino: Expedition Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide will help you find your way across the desert and fight a short (but tough!) boss battle.

What You Need For the Icarus El Camino: Expedition Prospect Mission

Although it's pretty far along in the mission tree, the Icarus El Camino: Expedition Prospect mission can be done pretty quickly and without too much effort.

Here's what I recommend you have researched for this Prospect mission:

  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Axe
  • Campfire
  • Bedroll
  • Stone Knife
  • Wood Bow
  • Stone Arrows
  • Bone Arrows
  • Wood Spear
  • Bone Spear
  • All Wood building pieces
  • Wood Ladder
  • All Cloth armor pieces
  • Wood Repair Hammer
  • Crafting Bench
  • Longbow

How to Unlock the Icarus El Camino: Expedition Prospect Mission

You can unlock the Icarus El Camino: Expedition Prospect mission by completing the Incursion: Scan Prospect mission.

Icarus El Camino: Expedition Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide - map

Icarus El Camino: Expedition Prospect Mission Walkthrough & Guide

The Icarus El Camino: Expedition Prospect mission doesn't seem particularly challenging at first. If you let your guard down, though, you'll be in for a nasty surprise at the end.

Setting Up

Start things off by crafting some basic tools.

  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Axe
  • Wood Spear
  • Wood Bow
  • 20 Stone Arrows
  • 1 Stone Knife

Usually, this is where I say you should get moving. Not this time -- you're going to be moving a lot for this Prospect mission, so build a small shelter, set up a Crafting Table, and make yourself a Longbow first. It might not be a bad idea to make some armor, too. Once that's done, head towards the first crash debris site -- and as always, keep an eye out for bears and wolves.

Locate the First Crash Debris Site

The first crash debris site is a little ways south of your starting position and has no unique threats. Simply walk up to the debris and you'll score 20 Flint Arrows for your trouble.

Set Up Your First Base Camp

Start heading south again. Build a small shelter and set up a Bedroll at the indicated point and set your spawn point at the Bedroll. Then, start heading south. If a storm pops up, build a temporary shelter and hole up until it passes.

Locate the Second Crash Debris Site

As with the first crash site, the second site is rather uneventful. You'll discover two pieces of Anti-Poison Paste. Keep it into your inventory -- you're going to need it later.

Start moving towards the third and final crash debris site.

Set Up Your Second Base Camp

On your way to the second base camp, you have two ways to get there as you can see on the map. There are two ways to get there -- the Western pass and the Southern pass.

I strongly advise that you do not take the Western pass -- it can be filled with just as many Bears as the Southern pass and you have less room to move around on top of that.

Once you actually make it into the Desert, set up another small base camp at the indicated location. Place a Bedroll and Campfire, set your spawn point at the Bedroll.

Before you move on, it's a good idea to ensure you have at least 20 Cooked Meat and at least 50 Arrows (ideally Bone Arrows), if not more.

Locate the Third Crash Debris Site

As you approach the final crash site, you'll find that it's near a worryingly open area. This may feel like a boss arena to veteran gamers. That's because it is.

An Unexpected Boss Battle (Kind Of)

Remember those Cave Worms you encountered in previous missions? You're about to meet their daddy: the Sand Worm.

The Sand Worm fires huge globs of poison at you. If you get hit, use one of the two Anti-Poison Pastes you have to gain a protective buff and increased health regeneration. Pelt the Sand Worm with arrows; you can get a critical hit if you can hit it when its mouth is open.

Unfortunately, you won't finish this fight -- eventually, you'll do enough damage that it will flee and burst through a nearby canyon wall.

Actually Locate the Third Crash Debris Site

Your final stop is the third crash debris site on the other side of the canyon wall. Walk up to the debris and investigate it to complete the Prospect mission.

Return Home

As usual, your final objective is to make your way back to the Dropship and leave. Head back north, stopping at your previously-established Base Camps as necessary. Then hop into the Dropship and leave -- you're all done!

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