How to Kill the Shark in Raft

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Our guide will tell you how to kill the Shark in Raft, the best way to kill a Shark, and what cool items you get for defeating this ruthless enemy! The Raft shark is a constant presence, so you'll need to defeat it multiple times if you want to explore the uncharted waters!

How to Kill the Shark in Raft

You can kill a Shark in Raft by doing enough damage to it with a weapon. In the early game, you'll probably be using a Wooden Spear to poke at the Shark while it chomps at your Raft, but you'll have some more useful tools for fighting it off in the later game.

What Happens When the Shark Dies in Raft?

Unfortunately, killing the Shark will not mean it's gone forever. You will get a few minutes of peace, allowing you to safely explore the water without fear of attack. A new Shark will spawn in a short time, though, so make sure to keep your eyes open and immediately retreat!

How to Kill a Shark in Raft - Shark Head Helmet Trophy
You can wear the Shark Head as a cosmetic helmet, but it obscures your view somewhat.

What do You Get for Killing a Shark in Raft?

Killing a Shark will reward you with four pieces of Raw Sharkmeat and a Shark Head. You can wear the Shark Head as a cosmetic helmet or you can display it on the wall on a Large Trophy Board.

Can You Stop a Shark from Attacking your Raft?

Yes, you can stop a Shark from attacking your Raft. You have two options:

  1. Attack it 3 times with a Wooden Spear. (Higher-quality Spears will take fewer hits.)
  2. Surround the outer Foundations of your Raft with Foundation Armor.

Foundation Armor will totally prevent the Shark from attacking your Raft. It's expensive -- each piece costs 1 Metal -- but it's worth it. Unfortunately, you can't stop the Shark from attacking you forever -- it will respawn a few minutes after you kill it.

Best Way to Kill a Shark in Raft

Best Way to Kill a Shark in Raft

The best way to kill a Shark in Raft is to dive into the water and shoot at it with a Basic Bow and Stone Arrows. If you can hit the Shark in the mouth right before it attacks you underwater, it will abandon the attack -- a skilled player can learn to kill a Shark underwater without taking any damage. You can also attack the Shark's mouth with a spear, but this is much more difficult (especially if you're playing online) and riskier. If you use the Basic Bow, you'll get some of your Stone Arrows back after you kill the Shark.

An alternative is to hold the Shark in place with Shark Bait, pull your Raft alongside it, and poke it with your spear. A Wooden Spear will take quite a few hits, but you can do it in fewer hits with a Metal Spear or a Basic Bow using Stone Arrows. The Shark will retreat after it takes a hit, but it will inevitably return to the Shark Bait.

Once your Raft has expanded in the later game, you may want to leave one unarmored Foundation as a "bait" of sorts. This will save you the trouble of crafting Shark Bait and you can simply attack the Shark when it tries to take a bite out of your Boat. This will take longer, though, as the Shark will only attack your Raft once every few minutes.

That's it for our guide on How to kill the Shark in Raft -- check out our other guides below!

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