How to Get Fabric in The Planet Crafter

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How to Get Fabric in The Planet Crafter Guide - cover

If you're looking for Fabric in The Planet Crafter, I've got you covered! Our Planet Crafter Fabric guide has all the places we've found where you can get this resource.

Fabric Uses in The Planet Crafter

Fabric is largely used for crafting decorative furniture. Strictly speaking, you don't need it to progress Terraforming or any of your other core objectives. That said, Fabric can be used to make your base look a little nicer with the Furniture that you can craft from it.

You're also going to need Fabric to make the first two Agility Boots upgrades. These aren't absolutely necessary, but the run speed boost that they give you can make traveling around the planet a lot easier.

You can also use Fabric to make the Water Filter and Air Filter in the Advanced Craft Station. These two pieces of equipment can drastically increase the amount of time that you can survive outside of your base.

At first, Fabric will be a finite resource; you'll only be able to find it by looting existing locations such as shipwrecks and abandoned bunkers. Progressing Terraforming to the Insects stage will open the door to making Silk. Silk, in turn, will allow you to make Fabric from scratch.

How to Get Fabric in The Planet Crafter Guide - Where To Find
Fabric can be found in derelicts and crashed ships.

Where to Find Fabric in The Planet Crafter

Fabric in The Planet Crafter can be found in abandoned bunkers, shipwrecks, and Storage Chests throughout the world. A large number of these sites are listed in our Map and Locations Guide; if you really want to get your hands on some Fabric, you can grab some basic supplies and head out to explore these places.

Outside of these locations, there's no other way to get your hands on Fabric until you've progressed Terraforming and you start getting Insects spawning on your planet. You can then get Silkworms who will make Silk, and that Silk can be used to make new Fabric.

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