How to Get Fabric in The Planet Crafter

Last Update: March 24, 2022


How to Get Fabric in The Planet Crafter Guide - cover

If you're looking for Fabric in The Planet Crafter, I've got you covered! Our Planet Crafter Fabric guide has all the places we've found where you can get this resource.

What is Fabric Used for in The Planet Crafter?

Fabric is exclusively used for Crafting decorative furniture. Strictly speaking, you don't need it to progress Terraforming. It does, however, make your base look a little nicer.


Can You Craft Fabric in The Planet Crafter?

No, you cannot Craft Fabric in The Planet Crafter.

Warning: Fabric is a Finite Resource!

Please note, the Early Access version of The Planet Crafter does not allow you to craft Fabric -- take care not to destroy it! You can, however, always disassemble any furniture to recover it if you need to.

How to Get Fabric in The Planet Crafter Guide - Where To Find
Fabric can be found in derelicts and crashed ships.

Where to Find Fabric in The Planet Crafter

Fabric in The Planet Crafter can be found in abandoned buildings, crashed ships, and Storage Chests throughout the world. If you'd like to loot some Fabric, you can find specific locations of it (along with a bunch of other items) in our Map and Locations Guide.


Strangely, Fabric appears to be an unusually rare resource; I have not yet discovered a way that it can be crafted (and I've unlocked almost everything in the Early Access version of the game).

On the upside, Fabric is only really used to craft decorative items such as furniture; the various beds and chairs you can make don't yet appear to serve any in-game purpose. Sadly, the overall lack of Fabric in the game (and the inability to craft it) means that you can only make a limited amount of these furniture items. While you can deconstruct existing furniture to recover the Fabric, you're still somewhat limited -- and that means you won't be opening up an extraterrestrial furniture store anytime soon.

Best Place to Find The Planet Crafter Fabric

The best place to find The Planet Crafter Fabric is in any derelict ships or abandoned structures.


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