How to Get Plant Orema in The Planet Crafter

Last Update: March 27, 2022


How to Get Plant Orema in The Planet Crafter - cover

This guide will tell you how to get Plant Orema in The Planet Crafter, what it's used for, and how you can use it to speed up Terraforming.

What is Plant Orema Used For in The Planet Crafter?

Plant Orema serves several purposes in The Planet Crafter. One of the best early-game uses is putting it in certain Oxygen-generation devices such as the Flower Spreader to enhance their Oxygen generation. You can also put it in a Flower Pot as a decoration instead.


However, Plant Orema is best used as a crafting material for Tree Seed Humelora. This gives you a Tree Seed that performs 25% better than the other ones when placed in a Tree Spreader, speeding up Oxygen generation and making Terraformation go faster.

Can You Craft Plant Orema in The Planet Crafter?

No, you cannot craft Plant Orema in The Planet Crafter.

How to Unlock Plant Orema in The Planet Crafter

You can unlock Plant Orema by progressing Terraforming to the Flora stage, just after Lakes. This is the same time that Zeolite should start showing up.


Warning: Plant Orema Appears To Be a Finite Resource!

Plant Orema does not respawn as far as I can tell. That means this is one of the few resources in the game with a finite amount. Fortunately, you can use the Recycling Machine to recover the crafted components of anything you made with Plant Orema and make something else instead. Plant Volnus and Zeolite also appear to be finite resources.

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Where to Find Plant Orema in The Planet Crafter

Plant Orema can be found in and around the Grand Rift after the Flora Terraformation Stage. As seen in our header image, it's pretty hard to miss -- keep an eye out for a tall plant with bright pink flowers. You can also get them in the areas locked by a Fusion Energy Reactor in derelict ships.


Here are all of the places we've found Plant Orema:

List of The Planet Crafter Plant Orema Locations

  • 1572:25:520
  • 1769:2:329
  • 1918:2:51
  • 715:77:-594
  • 1127:19:92
  • 1181:74:114

We're all done with our guide on how to get Plant Volnus in The Planet Crafter, but that's not all we cover --  take a look at some of our other guides, too!


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