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The Planet Crafter Biomass Guide

March 25, 2022

By: Robert N. Adams


In our The Planet Crafter Biomass Guide, we'll tell you what you need to know about this new Terraforming mechanic that signals the start of the mid-game.

How The Planet Crafter Biomass Works

The Planet Crafter Biomass is a measurement of how much life you have on your planet. At first, you'll have nothing more than a few stray blades of grass. As you advance in the game, however, you'll begin to add more and more complex life to your ecosystem.


Biomass isn't just a game mechanic, mind -- it also represents an opportunity to decorate your world beyond placing some fancy furniture. For example, you've probably ended up with a Locker Storage or two filled with seeds that you're not using. You can use Flower Spreaders to make actual flowers grow in small areas of the planet surface. As you progress further, you'll gain the ability to grow trees near water. Later versions of the game will add more complex life than some fancy greenery.

How to Unlock Biomass in The Planet Crafter

You can unlock Biomass by progressing Terraforming to the Liquid Water stage. Once you have, you'll unlock the ability to start generating Biomass and it will now be tracked on Screen - Information.


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How to Increase Biomass

You can increase Biomass in The Planet Crafter by growing wild plants. That means you'll need to construct buildings like Flower Spreaders, Biodomes, and Tree Spreaders. This doesn't replace the other aspects of Terraforming, mind -- you'll have to keep increasing Oxygen, Heat, and Pressure for a while.


Growing Biomass is fairly time-consuming, owing in part to the need for plant matter. Many of the best items that can generate Biomass require that you have Farming set up first. It should be noted, Farming does not contribute to Biomass generation.

Best Way to Increase Biomass in The Planet Crafter

The best way to increase Biomass in The Planet Crafter is with the Tree Spreader T3 -- it increases Biomass by 680/s. If you haven't unlocked it yet, build the highest-tier Tree Spreader you can. And if that isn't available, your next best option is a Flower Spreader T2.

List of The Planet Crafter Biomass Unlocks (and What They Do)

  • Biolab
  • Algae Generator T2
    • 2 Bioplastic Nugget, 1 Fertilizer, 1 Water Bottle, 1 Magnesium, 2 Super Alloy
    • Oxygen - 350/s
    • Energy - -27/s
    • Biomass - 17/s
    • An improved version of the Algae Generator that makes better contributions to Terraforming and Biomass generation.
  • Biomass Rocket
    • 1 Rocket Engine, 2 Super Alloy, 1 Fertilizer, 1 Seed Lirma, 1 Tree Bark
    • Biomass Multiplayer - 1,000%
    • Increases Biomass growth across the whole planet by a factor of 10.
  • Flower Spreader T2
    • 2 Water Bottle, 2 Super Alloy, 2 Fertilizer
    • Oxygen - 325/s
    • Energy - -38.8/s
    • Biomass - 33.5/s
    • An improved version of the Flower Spreader
  • Food Grower T2
    • 1 Water Bottle, 1 Super Alloy, 1 Fertilizer
    • Energy - -29.5/s
    • Increases your Farming output by growing Food faster. Must be placed indoors.
  • Tree Spreader
    • Super Alloy, 1 Bacteria Sample, 1 Fertilizer, 1 Tree Bark, 1 Bioplastic Nugget
    • Oxygen 0 920/s
    • Energy - -31/s
    • Biomass - 85/s
    • Contributes to Terraforming and Biomass generation. Place this Building as close to the shore as possible -- trees will grow on land depending on which Tree Seed you've placed inside.

We're all done with our The Planet Crafter Biomass Guide! Make sure you check out all of the other guides we've made -- there's a lot of great things you can discover in this game!

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