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How to Get Iridium in The Planet Crafter

March 24, 2022

By: Robert N. Adams


This guide will tell you where to find Iridium in The Planet Crafter -- and how it lets you take heating and mining to the next level.

What is Iridium Used for in The Planet Crafter?

Iridium is one of the components of Explosive Powder, a mid-to-late game Crafting resource. More importantly, it is also used to make Iridium Rods, an important item for building higher-tier Heating machines for Terraforming. Iridium is also needed for Ore Extractors -- a highly useful Building that lets you automate collecting ore.


You can get more Iridium from Asteroids falling onto the planet once you've unlocked the Launch Platform and launched the appropriate rocket. However, you can get an infinite supply with the right kind of Ore Extractor in the proper location, saving you from having to rely on the randomness of falling rocks from the sky.

Can You Craft Iridium in The Planet Crafter?

No, you cannot Craft Iridium in The Planet Crafter.


How to Get Iridium in The Planet Crafter Guide - slice

Where to Find Iridium in The Planet Crafter

Here are all the places you can find Iridium in The Planet Crafter that we know of. Do note that this list does not include Storage Chests that you can find in the world; please refer to our Maps and Locations Guide for specific coordinates. Furthermore, some locations may be sealed off by Ice Caves.


Falling Sand Caves



Mineable with Ore Extractor?



A large cave system with sand falling from the Cliffs above. Also has Aluminum and an Ice Cave that leads to Sulfur, Osmium, and Super Alloy.

Spike Canyon Ice Cave




Mineable with Ore Extractor?



An Ice Cave that has some Iridium on the outside of the ice wall. Also has Osmium behind the Ice Wall.

Grand Rift Cave



Mineable with Ore Extractor?



A small-ish cave with a fair amount of Iridium in it.

That's that for our guide on how to find Iridium in The Planet Crafter. If you liked this guide, check out our other ones!

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