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How to Get Zeolite in The Planet Crafter

March 29, 2022

By: Robert N. Adams


Are you wondering how to get Zeolite in The Planet Crafter? I'll tell you where to find this incredibly rare resource -- but you have to unlock it first.

What is Zeolite Used for in The Planet Crafter?

Zeolite is used for Crafting a handful of late-game items. Critically, it is the rarest component of the Nuclear Fusion Generator, the best Power generation unit in the game. It's also used for the DNA Manipulator, a machine that is necessary for creating Tree Seeds and vastly speeding up the process of growing your Biomass.


Sadly, I have yet to find a place where an Ore Extractor will get you Zeolite.

Can You Craft Zeolite in The Planet Crafter?

No, you cannot craft Zeolite in The Planet Crafter.


How to Unlock Zeolite in The Planet Crafter

You can unlock Zeolite by progressing to the "Flora" stage of Terraforming.

Warning: Zeolite is a Finite Resource!

Here's an important note to keep in mind: Zeolite in The Planet Crafter does not respawn as far as I can tell. You can, however, recover Zeolite from crafted objects by using the Recycling Machine (and yes, that includes the Pulsar Quartz). Still, you should be careful with how you use it!


How to Get Zeolite in The Planet Crafter Guide - slice

Where to Find Zeolite in The Planet Crafter

Zeolite can be found all over the world of The Planet Crafter. However, you won't be able to get it until later in the game -- don't forget, Zeolite won't spawn until you've progressed Terraforming to a certain point!

As with other items, Zeolite can also be found in Storage Chests; you can find specific locations in the Maps and Locations Guide. You can also find Pulsar Quartz in a handful of Storage Chests; that can then be put into a Recycling Machine to break it back down into its base materials (which includes Zeolite).

We've found a total of 36 Zeolite spawn locations so far -- here are the coordinates!


List of The Planet Crafter Zeolite Locations

  • -163:30:-851
  • -81:30:-592
  • 12:30:-401
  • 232:40:-764
  • 254:14:-278
  • 264:22:-318
  • 267:15:-366
  • 372:8:-173
  • 543:61:1638
  • 605:28:-122
  • 740:50:1130
  • 744:39:604
  • 812:43:1074
  • 819:61:1460
  • 874:37:821
  • 890:28:753
  • 929:26:524
  • 947:19:1056
  • 993:21:714
  • 1047:17:84
  • 1107:69:1969
  • 1152:14:2379
  • 1226:25:60
  • 1310:6:542
  • 1341:15:190
  • 1350:14:1857
  • 1372:10:2172
  • 1440:36:769
  • 1474:59:377
  • 1493:10:2130
  • 1493:108:2498
  • 1509:10:2027
  • 1561:109:2463
  • 1572:25:520
  • 1574:10:2232
  • 1702:12:2025
  • 1706:22:-341
  • 1784:75:166
  • 1841:75:63
  • 1863:2:208
  • 188:23:-342
  • 1927:2:50
  • 1980:76:268
  • 2092:2:340
  • 2120:75:413

That's it for our guide on finding Zeolite in The Planet Crafter! Be sure to check out our other guides, too!

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