How to Get Plant Volnus in The Planet Crafter

Last Update: March 27, 2022


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This guide will tell you how to get Plant Volnus in The Planet Crafter and how you can use it to speed up the process of Terraforming.

What is Plant Volnus Used For in The Planet Crafter?

Plant Volnus is used for Terraforming in The Planet Crafter and you have several options here. Basically, it can be put into anything that you can put a Seed into such as a Vegetube or a Flower Spreader. It can also be used as decoration by putting it into a Flower P ot.


These would be foolish uses, though -- Plant Volnus is one of the best tools for Terraforming in the game. Using a DNA Manipulator, you can create a Tree Seed that gives a +150% Oxygen boost instead of a +125% Oxygen boost made with the more common seeds.

Can You Craft Plant Volnus in The Planet Crafter?

No, you can't craft Plant Volnus in The Planet Crafter.

How to Unlock Plant Volnus in The Planet Crafter

You can unlock Plant Volnus by progressing Terraforming to the Flora stage; this stage arrives right after you complete the Lakes Terraformation Stage. At the same time, Zeolite should begin to appear in your world.


Warning: Plant Volnus Appears To Be a Finite Resource!

As with Zeolite and Plant Orema, Plant Volnus appears to be a finite resource -- there is only so much of it in the world.

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Where to Find Plant Volnus in The Planet Crafter

You can find Plant Volnus in The Planet Crafter by heading to the Northeastern side of the Map (or towards the top left as shown on Screen - Mapping). However, this plant is not in the game by default -- it will only start showing up once you've progressed Terraforming to the Flora stage. It can also be found as loot in the locked areas of derelicts, but you'll need a Fusion Energy Cell to get those.


Here is a list of the coordinates we've found Plant Volnus.

List of The Planet Crafter Plant Volnus Locations

  • 1182:551:1689
  • 1348:21:1953
  • 1433:44:2385

And that's it for our guide on how to get Plant Volnus in The Planet Crafter! If you've found this useful, make sure to check out our other guides, too!


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