How to Get Pulsar Quartz in The Planet Crafter

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How to Get Pulsar Quartz in The Planet Crafter Guide - cover

Our guide will tell you how to get Pulsar Quartz in The Planet Crafter, what it's used for, and why it's worth spending your time to get as much as you can!

What is Pulsar Quartz Used for in The Planet Crafter?

Pulsar Quartz in The Planet Crafter is one of the rarest and most valuable resources. That rarity, however, is totally in line with its capabilities.

Although it can be used to Craft a few different things, its main utility lies in its use for Nuclear Fusion Generators and Teleporters. Nuclear Fusion Generators give you nearly five times the power of a Nuclear Reactor T2; it's the best power generation machine in the game as of v0.6.007.15:401.

Teleporters, on the other hand, are plainly valuable for the travel time they'll save you. Once you've set up some Ore Extractor mines, you'll be able to zip between them easily and collect all of the materials you need with ease.

Can You Craft Pulsar Quartz in The Planet Crafter?

Yes, you can Craft Pulsar Quartz in The Planet Crafter. It's crafted at the Biolab and requires the following ingredients:

How to Get Pulsar Quartz in The Planet Crafter Guide - slice

Where to Find Pulsar Quartz in The Planet Crafter

There are only a handful of major locations where you can find Pulsar Quartz naturally in The Planet Crafter, and it's typically found alongside other elements (such as in the Zeolite Cave). As with other materials, you can also find it in Storage Chests.

Unfortunately, there are only two consistent ways to get Pulsar Quartz:

  1. Collect it after it falls from meteors.
  2. Craft it.

Pulsar Quartz's rarity is more than made up for by its utility. It takes a lot of work to make it, but ending your Power problems and gaining the ability to reliably teleport around the map is more than worth the time investment.

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