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Last Update: May 19, 2022


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Our The Planet Crafter Teleporter Guide will tell you everything you want to know about this new machine that allows for instant transportation across the world!

How to Unlock The Planet Crafter Teleporter

You can unlock The Planet Crafter Teleporter by advancing the Terraforming stat to 25.00 GTi. If you've already maxed out Terraforming in your game, you will already have access to the new Teleporter.


The Planet Crafter Teleporter Guide - Name
You can set a custom name for your teleporters to make moving around the world easier. Otherwise, it will use the coordinates as a name.

How The Planet Crafter Teleporter Works

The Planet Crafter Teleporter works exactly as you would expect -- it can instantly transport you from one place in the world to another -- as long as its powered. First, though, you're going to have to build it.

Here's what you need to build a Teleporter:

  • 1 Super Alloy Rod
    • The Super Alloy Rod is a new item made at the Advanced Craft Station; it requires 8 Super Alloy and 1 Aluminum.
  • 1 Osmium
  • 1 Zeolite
  • 3 Pulsar Quartz

Bear in mind that Pulsar Quartz can no longer be crafted as of the Caves & Crater Update, so you're going to have to find it in the game world. You're also going to need enough materials to craft two of these things -- after all, a Teleporter needs a destination.

Place your first Teleporter on the ground. Then, you can interact with the name plate and name it whatever you like. If you don't name a Teleporter, it will automatically use the coordinates as the name.

Next, you'll have to build a second Teleporter at the other location you would like to be able to teleport to. Repeat the process -- build the Teleporter and name it. Don't forget that these devices need to be powered; each Teleporter drains 276/s of Power. (Obviously, Teleporters won't work if they're not powered.)

From there, using the Teleporter is simply a matter of pressing the large button in the center of the tube and selecting your destination. You'll then be transported to whichever Teleporter you've selected -- and yes, you can build multiple Teleporters.


That's it for our The Planet Crafter Teleporter Guide -- have a look at our other guides, too!



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