My Time at Sandrock Roadmap for Single Player Has Big Plans

Published: June 1, 2022 10:24 AM /


My Time at Sandrock

It's a good time to be a My Time at Sandrock fan. With the multiplayer roadmap revealed last week, we now have My Time at Sandrock roadmap for single-player, which means players can expect updates in Early August, Mid-October, and Christmas. Let's get into it, shall we?

What can I expect from the My Time at Sandrock roadmap?

The early August update will add to the player story, add two main story dungeons (which can still be entered after completion), and adds some side quests in town along with some NPC dialogue. There are more behavioral reactions from townsfolk to players and more added behavior from NPC's visiting and reacting to antiquities/relics. Side quests from Fang, Heidi, Amirah, Arvio, and Ernest will be added, with Catori, Justice, and more becoming romanceable. There's also a mount training system and stables, a party and birthday system, and new weapons in a new firearm and throwable bomb. Last but not least, there are some face and hairstyle customization options coming in the My Time at Sandrock August update.

The mid-October update is smaller, but there are still a bunch of cool additions planned. It will add more to the main story (along with story dungeon(s)), one mining dungeon, romance quests, dating minigames, a face lifting function, and a pet system. Other additions include a fish farming system, a rain and snow weather system, and more presets to the house customization system. If you're more outgoing, there will be some added festivals and events, as well as an increase to the museum's area and enlarging of the size of the exhibition. 

Sandrock dating
This dating minigame looks pretty nerve-racking, honestly.

The Christmas update will once again add to the main story and add some NPC romance quests. More will be added to the pool of dating minigames, which will help keep a variety of play for romancing different characters throughout early access. To that effect, a marriage system will also be added. Other than that, there'll be a greenhouse system, some festival events, new monsters, an equipment change system, and a factory system.

For more information on all things single-player and multiplayer in My Time at Sandrock, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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