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My Time at Sandrock Research is one of the most important things you need to do in in order to expand your workshop's capabilities and keep moving the story forward.

How My Time at Sandrock Research Works

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Qi is the resident research guy in Sandrock, and you'll find him holed up in his lab at all hours of the day. Go talk to him and you can click to open up the Research menu and see what's available to research. To pay for research, you'll need to give Qi data discs instead of gols, and note that each machine will take between two and four days to research.

You'll need to research the basic forms of machines before you can research their upgrades, for example, you have to unlock Processor before Civil Processor. Some items are standalone, such as the Dew Collector.

What to Research First in My Time at Sandrock

We recommend researching all of the upgrades to your workshop machines first - the Processor, Grinder, Recycler and Furnace. You'll need to upgrade these as you progress through the main story, so it's easier to do them ahead of time.

Even if you think you're not going to need a machine, if you have the spare data discs to pay for it, research it. There are a number of machines that are not required to complete quests but that can make your life easier, like the Refiner and Dew Collector, which helps you passively collect water and keep your machines running.

How to Get Data Discs in My Time at Sandrock

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Here's how to get Data Discs in My Time at Sandrock:

  • Mining Junk Piles at Eufaula Salvage
  • Buying them from Rocky at Eufaula Salvage
  • Ruin Diving in the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins

Data discs are CDs and DVDs from before the collapse of civilization that have information on them that Qi can use to help with his engineering. The easiest and quickest way to get data discs is to mine the junk piles in Eufaula Salvage. You'll find them in mixed junk piles and mechanical junk piles, and you'll need to pay 200 gols per week to access the salvage area.

If you head on inside Rocky's shack at the Salvage area, you'll find that you can also buy a limited number of Data Discs from the Eufaula Salvage Shop. While this works great if you're missing a small number, it's not a sustainable plan for longterm research.

Best Way to Get Data Discs in My Time at Sandrock

The best way to collect data discs is after you repair the lift at Eufaula Salvage and can finally head on down to go ruin diving.. Unfortunately, you will still need to pay the 200 gols per week to access the salvage area to get to the lift, but you'll get more discs if you bypass the junk piles and head straight down to the ruins.

Should You Buy Data Discs in My Time at Sandrock?

Unless you're in a serious bind, you shouldn't buy the Data Discs from the Eufaula Salvage Shop. You'll need to go ruin diving for copper and tin ores anyway, and you'll amass a handy collection of data discs as you go down there. It's cheaper to mine them yourself and you'll be getting multiple resources at the same time.

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