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Last Update: May 25, 2022


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This My Time at Sandrock Water Guide will tell you the best way to get Water and Dew, two essential resources for Farming and keeping your machines running!

How My Time at Sandrock Water Works

As you might expect, Water is a precious resource in the desert -- and My Time at Sandrock is no different. While you're fortunate enough that you don't need to worry about a thirst meter in the Early Access version of the game, you will need Water if you want your machines to keep running without overheating.


Water is stored in the Water Tank outside of your house in the yard. You'll start with a tiny amount, just enough to keep you going for the first day or so. As time goes on (and you add more Workbenches and other machines), your need for Water will increase. If you don't have Water, you won't be able to use your machines; it's best to think of it as a secondary fuel.

My Time at Sandrock Water Guide - Dew Collector
The Dew Collector is an essential tool for passively collecting Water.

How to Get More Water in My Time at Sandrock

There are four ways to get Water in My Time at Sandrock:

  1. Using Dew to craft Water at your Worktable.
  2. Buying it from Water World which is located to the west of the oasis. (You can typically get 25 Water for around 450 Gols, daily, if needed.)
  3. Getting it as a Mission Reward from certain Missions.

More often than not, however, you'll be crafting Water from Dew.

How to Get Dew

There are two main ways to get Dew in My Time at Sandrock:

  1. Automatically gathering it when harvesting Wood, Stone, and Plants in the open world.
  2. Using a Dew Collector to gather Dew passively.

Best Way to Get Water in My Time at Sandrock

At the beginning of the game, the best way to get Water in My Time at Sandrock is by focusing on gathering Wood, Stone, and Plants in the areas immediately to the south and west of your Workshop. As time goes on, however, you'll get more Workbenches and machines -- and that means you would have to spend a lot of time harvesting materials just to get Dew.

You'll begin to collect Data Discs once you've begun diving into Ruins -- these can be used to research new Workbenches, one of which is the Dew Collector. Each Dew Collector passively collects a little more than 2 Dew every day, saving you the trouble of worrying too much about Water.


My Time at Sandrock Water Guide - Dew Collector Diagram

How to Unlock and Build the Dew Collector

You can unlock the Dew Collector in My Time at Sandrock by spending 8 Data Discs to Research it from Qi. It will take 3 days for the Research process to complete, although you can speed things up by getting spending additional Data Discs.


It should be noted that the Dew Collector requires Resources you may not have yet encountered yet; specifically, it will need Basic Leather and Marble Brick. You can buy Basic Leather from Tailor Made and you can buy Marble from Construction Junction; that Marble can later be turned into Marble Brick at a Furnace.

It's probably a good idea to build at least two Dew Collectors as soon as possible, whether you decide to purchase these resources or get the tools necessary to harvest them yourself. As you progress later in the game, it's a good idea to build more -- I recommend a minimum of six Dew Collectors to maintain a good supply of Water (although more certainly can't hurt if you have the space!)

Dew Collector Recipe

  • 3 Wooden Stick
  • 3 Basic Leather
  • 2 Marble Brick
  • 12 Stone
  • 2 Stone Trough

We've covered the basics in this My Time at Sandrock Water Guide, but there's still plenty more to learn about this game -- check out our other guides below!



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