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Last Update: September 5, 2022


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So, you need some more ores and materials in My Time at Sandrock and you don't want to pay Rocky for all of them? Sounds like you need to go ruin diving! In this My Time at Sandrock Ruin guide we'll break down the two types of ruins, what you can find in each type and what the main ruins that you'll encounter in the story so far area.

My Time at Sandrock Ruin Types

Ruins in My Time at Sandrock fall into two categories, hazardous and non-hazardous. On a basic level, hazardous ruins will have enemies that attack you whereas non-hazardous ruins do not have any enemies. Non-hazardous ruins are more focused on mining and collecting materials and resources than hazardous ruins are, but both types do include items that you can grab and will come in useful for your workshop.


My Time at Sandrock Hazardous Ruins

Hazardous ruins are encountered as you play through the main story and they are impossible to avoid. You'll visit The Breach, Gecko Station and Paradise Lost hazardous ruins as you progress. You can only visit some of these once in the story, as they are locked off or changed after you initially visit, while the Breach is one that can be done repeatedly for more high tier loot.

While these ruins have enemies that you need to watch out for, your stamina is also frozen while you are in hazardous ruins. You can fight as many enemies as you want and you will not run out of stamina, which is normally consumed when you use your weapon, but you do have to keep an eye on your health. If your health reaches zero in the ruins, it's game over and you will be restarted from your last save game file.

Because you have unlimited stamina in hazardous ruins, we recommend mining all the debris that you come across, even if you're not in need of ores or stone at the moment. There are also treasure chests and interesting artifacts to find in the ruins that can be missed, so definitely take your time and explore every inch of the area. Time is also frozen while you're in the hazardous ruins, so you don't need to worry about making it back to Sandrock before 2am.


It's always a good idea to take a few health restoring items in with you when you venture into hazardous ruins and make sure you have a fresh save file just before you enter, should anything go wrong.

The Breach Hazardous Ruins

breach ruins intro text

The Breach Hazardous ruins open up to you again, later in the game, but in a slightly different form. While there are still enemies that you need to fight through and treasures for you to pick up along the way, you are judged on your performance and given a grade and corresponding rewards. There are three levels of the ruins to fight through and you must beat the first one to unlock the second and then the third. You are judged on the time it takes you to get through the ruins, how many enemies you fight and if you use any healing items or buffs while going through. While you don't have to fight through the ruins again if you don't want to, it does tie into some character-based quests, such as with Grace.


Shipwreck Ruins Hazardous Ruins

After Trudy returns to the town, you'll first explore the Shipwreck ruins with her and Mi-an. A few days after this, Justice will request you to explore the ruins with him again in order to repair doors and ensure it's safe for anyone who wants to go ruin diving. Completing this mission will then open up the Shipwreck Ruins and you'll get a note confirming this a few days later in the mail.

Shipwreck Ruins work the same way at the Breach Ruins where you have a timer on each level and enemies to fight. You're also allotted a ranking based on your performance and there are three levels to fight through. Common enemies include the Sandpony, Starby and Hercules machines.


My Time at Sandrock Non-Hazardous Ruins (Mining Dungeons)

Non-hazardous ruins in Sandrock are primarily for mining and collecting resources. You'll start at the highest level in each of these ruins and dig your way down, which will take multiple trips. Currently the non-hazardous ruins both go down to level 11. If you want to reset them, simply exit and select Reset at the entrance to respawn everything.

eufaula ruinsEufaula Salvage Ruins

The first one that opens up to you is the Eufaula Salvage Ruins, which can be accessed after you and Mi-an repair the lifts in the Eufaula Salvage yard. You do need to pay for a weekly pass to Eufaula Salvage to be able to access the ruins, but beyond that, entering the ruins themselves are free.

Eufaula Salvage ruins are a great place to collect copper and tin ores that you need for smelting copper and bronze, and you can also find nodes of power stones. The debris that fills the ruins, the dirt and copper/green colored stuff on the ground is where you find most of your resources, though any Ore or Power Stone nodes that you find are great if you need something specific. Nodes don't regenerate, so you'll have to dig through the debris most of the time.

Eufala Salvage Ruins Resource List:

  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Power Stones
  • Dinas
  • Clay

gecko ruinsGecko Station Ruins

After you re-build the bridge in the main story and are able to access the Gecko Station Ruins again, they become non-hazardous ruins and are the next place you'll find ores. Gecko Station Ruins contain tin, chromium, managesium and nickel ores, in varying quantities. However, unlike Eufaula Salvage Ruins, you'll need to pay a fee of 300 gols each time you enter Gecko Station Ruins, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to just nip in an grab a few things. If you go to visit the ruins, make sure you get your money's worth.


Gecko Station Resource List:

  • Iron Ore
  • Manganese Ore
  • Graphite
  • Clay
  • Dinas
  • Power Stones
  • Chromium Ore
  • Sulfur

My Time at Sandrock Treasure Detector

treasure detector

Non-hazardous ruins also contain a number of other resources besides ores, including stone, dinas, clay and various pieces of relics and old world machinery. For the relics and old world machinery like Microchips and Simple Circuits, you'll want to use your Treasure Detector. This will scan the area around you and provide glowing diamond notifications that show where anything unusual is buried, but it will need to recharge frequently. The Treasure Detector can be upgraded from the entrance screen to either of the non-hazardous ruins and can be given additional battery life, outline objects and other features. The Treasure Detector can also guide you through the ruins and show you how to quickly find your way to the exits that lead you down the floors.


That's it for our My Time at Sandrock Ruins guide, check out more guides below:

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