My Time At Sandrock

Sandrock City

From the creators of the hit game My Time At Portia, players will once again be greeted by an open world to explore, numerous crafting options, and a town to make their own in My Time at Sandrock.

Assume the role of a new builder that comes to the town of Sandrock, and customize your very own workshop to fulfill the needs of both the town and its people, with hundreds of unique items to unlock and craft. You'll need to explore the open world around you to collect the resources you need to craft machines, items, and weapons for your adventures.

Unlock new skills as you craft your way to the top of the workshop rankings, and stop Logan and his gang with the new combat mechanics that were reworked for My Time at Sandrock.

With over 30 completely new characters to interact with, and a deeper storyline that in the previous title - players will find hundreds of quests to complete, and stories to uncover. Become friends with the townspeople, or woo that special person through relationship and dating mechanics.

Everything that players enjoyed about Portia makes a return in Sandrock, with new features, items, and more to uncover. If you're a fan of life sims, crafting, and a rich world to explore and interact with - Pathea Games promises to wow players again.

My Time At Sandrock launches in Early Access in May of 2022 and plans to remain in early access for a year, with plans to  implement story quests for the NPCs, finish the main questline, flesh out the world, and generally polish the game. They’ll also be improving art assets, adding more music, and perhaps most importantly: testing the multiplayer mode.

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Pathea Games
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May 26, 2022 (Calendar)
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