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As with any life-sim or farming-sim, My Time at Sandrock has an element of romance. There are several villagers that you can choose to pursue a relationship with over the course of the story, and of course we have thoughts on all of them. So, here’s our ranking for the best bachelorettes in My Time at Sandrock.

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As a note, this article does not feature spoilers for the main story and only ranks the bachelorettes currently available in the game.

sandrock bachelorettes elsie


I’ll start out by saying this: Elsie is a great character! She’s a fun and impulsive tomboy, she’s great friends with Mi-an, and her belief that Logan absolutely couldn’t be evil is important to the game’s early arc. She also teaches you how to ride steeds and helps with investigations to move along the central plot of the game, plus she’s the one who teaches you all about the gaming center.

You might be asking yourself - why is she at the bottom of the list then, if she’s such a great character? Well, Elsie makes the bottom of the list because her character design makes her look very underage, so much so that the game goes out of the way to explicitly state that she IS of legal age, something that it doesn’t do for any other characters. It didn’t hit the right chord with us, and so in spite of Elsie’s great story, we think she’s better off just staying friends with the protagonist.

sandrock bachelorettes venti


There’s really not much to say about Venti, unfortunately. Even though she was added fairly early on in the game’s development, she’s pretty one note and boring. She works at the junkyard with Rocky and Krystal and seems to be a hard worker, but even her likes and dislikes in gift giving don’t say all that much about her as a person. Hopefully, more will be added to her storyline as the game continues in development, as she could use some personality.

sandrock bachelorettes catori


Catori is the enthusiastic owner and operator of the Golden Goose entertainment complex and the associated Museum in town. She’s bright and cheerful and absolutely gung-ho about her next moneymaking scheme, whatever that happens to be at the time, and an enthusiastic gamer herself, so it’s easy to relate to her. Many of her storylines involve you helping her with the Golden Goose or other entertainment ventures, of which she has plenty of ideas.

Unfortunately, on the flip side, Catori lacks almost any financial sense, dreams way outside her budget, and can get pretty obnoxious and in your face at times. She means well, certainly, but it’s not a great thing to deal with. The fact that her biography reveals she also left her young child with her mother to raise and moved out to Sandrock to start the Golden Goose also says some very sharp things about her as a person, none of them kind.

sandrock bachelorettes amirah


Amirah starts off fulfilling the exotic desert beauty stereotype, but playing through her story arcs show that there’s so much more to her than her looks. She’s shy but confident in her abilities, an absolute pottery genius, as well as extremely kind to not only the protagonist but all of the other Sandrockers and even the tourists in town. She’s got a caring and gentle heart, and that definitely comes across in spades.

The worst thing about Amirah is definitely her brother, Arvio. They’re not exactly a package deal, but many of her storylines do involve him, and he gets frankly irritating to put up with very quickly. If you can stomach sitting through Arvio’s reckless behavior, his egoism, and lack of common sense, Amirah is a great romance interest, but you do need to take the good with the bad and stay on her brother’s good side too.

sandrock bachelorettes heidi


Heidi is one of the characters that you interact with the most over the course of the story, since she’s the town architect, and she’s absolutely delightful. Does she overcharge you for workshop upgrades and expansions? Yes, yes she does, but that’s why monopolies are bad. Other than that, Heidi is a great character. She’s competent at her job, she’s pleasant and friendly to you and the rest of the town’s residents, and she’s not prone to losing her head in a fit of fancy like some Pens that we could name here.

In addition, she’s very down to earth and family-oriented, and less religious than the rest of her family after having gone to school outside of Sandrock for her architecture degree. Heidi’s a stable influence on the town and a hard-worker, never complaining about the extraordinary amounts of work that the plot forces her to do, instead just rolling up her sleeves and getting it done, even impressing Musa himself. Her one downfall is that she is so reliable it’s a bit on the boring side, but it’s easy to overlook that with cute moments in her story.

sandrock bachelorettes nia


Nia is your childhood best friend who hails from Highwind. She’s a devoted botany student and spends most of the game conversing with the player through letters, though she does visit Sandrock after the attack on the water tower (and will presumably return in future updates, otherwise this is going to be more like a penpal than a marriage).

Absolutely sweet and caring, Nia is so excited for the builder as they start their new life in Sandrock, and her enthusiasm and brightness shines through in her letters. She’s completely supportive of everything you do, and she also loves sharing her own hobbies, mainly her interest in botany, and doing what she can to help Sandrock even though she doesn’t live there. Loyal, patient and dare we say it, adorable, it’s easy to see why Nia has been the player’s best friend their entire life and just as easy to see how a wholesome romance blossoms from this childhood friendship.

sandrock bachelorettes mi an


If you had asked me to put this list together when Sandrock was first released in early access, Mi-an would’ve been at the bottom of it. She can come across as overly perfect, way too chipper, and too eager to work with the builder. Certainly, that was my first impression of her. However, after you get a letter from Yan that deliberately tries to pit you and Mi-an against each other, encouraging an unhealthy rivalry for his own benefit, you realize that you actually need to be friends and will start to see her in a better light.

Mi-an actually helps doing work around town, unlike some games where you’re one of two builders and end up somehow doing the work of five, so that’s a big bonus right off the bat. She does also tone down her over-the-top brightness, but it’s nice to see someone so enthusiastic about the work we’re doing and about living in Sandrock, and not in a fake way.

Mi-an might be over the top sometimes, but it’s always genuine, so it’s hard to hold that against her for long. The romantic moments that you two get are also genuinely touching, and even if you don’t end up pursuing a relationship with her, it’s clear that she values the protagonist very dearly as a best friend.

sandrock bachelorettes grace


Like Mi-an, Grace starts off as a character who simply doesn’t wow me. She’s an incompetent chef, a ditzy archaeology student and other than her vivacious personality she doesn’t seem to have a lot going for her. As the plot continues on she does stay as a terrible chef, but her better traits have a chance to shine through. Grace is brave and dedicated, she’s a good friend to Owen, she’s passionate about her work, and she believes in doing the right thing, unlike some of the more morally flexible residents of Sandrock.

Grace is also a bit of a loudmouth and doesn’t mind telling it like it is when she needs to, which earns extra points with me as a New Yorker. She also doesn’t suffer fools, like Pen, gladly, and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or the town. She’s loyal to Sandrock, and despite her rather ditzy exterior, she’s actually quite intelligent when it comes down to it. in My Time at Sandrock.

These are our top choices for bachelorettes in My Time at Sandrock, but what do you guys think? Let us know your favorites (and least favorites) in the comments below!

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