My Time at Sandrock Map and Locations Guide

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My Time at Sandrock Map and Locations Guide - cover

This My Time at Sandrock Map and Locations Guide will give you an overview of the game world and highlight several notable locations.

The world of My Time at Sandrock can feel a little small until you get brave and start to push out beyond the town. There are a lot of interesting locations to check out -- we'll highlight some of them to accompany our map.

My Time at Sandrock Map

My Time at Sandrock Map and Locations Guide - Map

My Time at Sandrock Notable Locations

Here are some notable locations in My Time at Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock Ruins Locations

  • Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins - Located behind the Eufaula Salvage gate. This location opens up after you complete the "Picking Up the Slack" quest where you install the Crane Lift.
  • The Breach Hazardous Ruins - Located on the western side of town. Unlike the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins, this area is populated by enemies that you'll have to fight.
  • Paradise Lost Hazardous Ruins - Located behind the broken gate next to Eufaula Salvage; you can't access this location until Mi-An repairs the gate. You won't be able to return after completing the associated quest here.
  • Gecko Station Ruins & Mine - Once you beat the Geckos in The Breach, you'll be able to travel to Gecko Station. You can mine Iron and other high-end items here. However, you won't be able to actually travel here until you help repair the bridge.

My Time at Sandrock Monster Locations

  • Bumble Ant - These little bugs like to attack from range and can swarm you very quickly if you're not careful.
  • Wild Yakmel - These animals are a good source of Meat and Leather in the early game, but they can knock you on your butt very quickly if you don't dodge in time.
  • Rocket Rooster - These chickens prefer to attack from range -- try not to fight more than one at a time if you can avoid it.
  • Rockyenaroll - These Hyena-like creatures are tough and should not be approached until you are at least Level 25 and have Iron weaponry.
  • Tripion - These scorpion-like creatures are a good source of Chitin. You won't be able to reach them (or any of the other monsters further down this list) until you repair the bridge.
  • Boxing Jacks - It's a kangaroo that punches the heck out of you. Fight it one-on-one -- you don't want to get poked in the butt by a weaker monster in the middle of this intense fight.
  • Pensky - These are penguins with the heads of husky dogs. Truly terrifying monstrosities.

My Time at Sandrock Sand Fishing Locations

A total of three Sand Fishing locations can be reached, although the western one is difficult to get to until you repair the bridge. These Fishing Spots are well worth exploring if you're looking for a little relaxation or if you need some more ingredients for Cooking.

Tip - Be Careful When Exploring the Map!

Take note that the entire My Time at Sandrock map has not been revealed -- some areas are difficult (or outright impossible to reach). Some areas will teleport you away and others are unfinished zones where you'll fall through the ground. In the worst-case scenario, you can end up trapped in a teleportation loop until you pass out from exhaustion at 3:00 AM.

Take care when exploring the map and note the points of interest I've highlighted on the above map. While you can find some resources here and there -- for example, the area around Gecko Station is good for higher-end rare resources like Lapis Lazuli -- it's safest to stick to the points of interest marked on the map for now.

That's the end of our My Time at Sandrock Map and Locations Guide -- check out our other guides below!

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