My Time At Sandrock Devs Share Info On Marriage And More For Next Update

Published: March 24, 2023 10:23 AM /


Two My Time at Sandrock characters in the new marriage attire

Pathea Games has once again taken to Steam to share more information about the next major My Time at Sandrock update, which now also has a snazzy new name. The Knives Out update, as it will be called, brings "conspiracies" and "people in the shadows" to the story's forefront, but it also adds the long-awaited marriage system and more.

Details of the new Sandrock update have been trickling through since February, when Pathea first shared info about the new stories and systems it'll add. Earlier this month, we learned about a new dungeon and some extra side stories, and now, it's time to get romantic, as Pathea has revealed more about how matrimony will work in My Time at Sandrock.


In the new dev diary, Pathea shows off what the marriage outfits will look like for both the male and female main character, and they're looking pretty snazzy, as you'd expect. We also get a look at some of the romantic locations that can serve as backdrops for your marriage, including a picturesque clifftop and an ornate, opulent church.

A church in which you can get married in My Time at Sandrock
How does this look for a marriage location? Pretty nice, right?

If you're not interested in marriage or you haven't found the right person yet, there's still plenty for you in the Knives Out update. For instance, why not try out the Sandrock Martial Arts Tournament? You'll team up with various My Time at Sandrock NPCs and take down your rivals, and melee weaponry is allowed, so you'll have plenty of options in combat.

Pathea is also working on some additional features for the next Sandrock update, like desert rain, during which citizens of Sandrock will go outside to collect water and prepare for the next desert drought. NPCs will also visit your workshop and admire the relics you've accrued, and there are various other changes on the way as well. 


The My Time at Sandrock Knives Out update is currently scheduled to land in mid-April. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more news regarding a specific release date. While you're in a Sandrock sort of mood, why not check out our guides? They'll help you build a life for yourself in this beautiful desert town.

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