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My Time at Sandrock has a number of basic resources that you'll come across that are essential for surviving in the harsh desert and for progressing the story. Here we'll give you a rundown of what the major resource types are, where to find them and what to do with them.

My Time at Sandrock Rubber Resources

rubber scrap

Most rubber that you'll use in the game comes from Rubber Scrap that you find. After being fed into the Recycler, you have a chance to get Rubber, Rubber Tube or Rubber Shell. Plain old Rubber can be processed into Rubber Tubes and Shells if you have the right recipes and the Processor or Grinder machines. While there's not a whole lot of things that Rubber can be further refined into, you will need a lot of it for building machines and various projects throughout the story, so it's a good idea to keep some on hand.

Where to Find Rubber

The easiest way to get rubber is to collect rubber scrap and then feed that into your recycling machine. There is a limited amount of rubber scrap in the area around Eufaula Salvage that replenishes every day or two, however, you will need to upgrade the basic pickhammer to be able to harvest it. When you first start and are unable to upgrade your pickhammer yet, the easiest way to get rubber scrap will be from mixed junk piles inside the Eufaula Salvage yard.

wood scrapMy Time at Sandrock Wood Resources

Currently there's two types of wood resources - regular wood and fine wood. Regular wood comes from Wooden Scrap or Mixed Junk piles or, if you're particularly daring, cutting down trees and cacti inside city limits. Fine wood scrap comes from Quality Wood Scrap piles and from Deadwood trees that you'll find in the desert. You'll need to upgrade from the basic Pickhammer in order to collect Fine Wood scrap.

Putting regular old wood scrap into the recycler will net you Wood or Wooden Sticks. Fine wood scrap will provide Hard Wood or Hardwood Sticks. Both regular wood and hardwood are invaluable resources that you should try and have on hand at all times. They're used for making storage boxes, weapons and furniture, and Hard Wood can be processed into planks that you'll need for upgrading your house or for constructing buildings on your property once you've unlocked the ability to tend animals.

When you first start the game, you might be tempted to cut down trees and cacti in order to quickly get wood that you need. However, with just a little bit of patience, you can avoid angering pretty much the whole town. Wood is one of the most important resources in the game and as such, is extremely plentiful. There's plenty of wood piles around and it's also consistently churned out by mixed junk piles in Eufaula Salvage Yard. You really don't need to cut down any of the living trees, but if you're set on pissing off Burgess, by all means go right ahead.

Where to Find Wood

There are various wood piles around your house and out in the desert you can dig through, and plenty of Wood Scrap outside Eufaula Salvage Yard, especially on the hill by the pit with the Sandfish.

Where to Find Hard Wood

There are a limited number of Deadwood trees in the desert around your house and further out past the bridge once it's repaired, but these take two to three days to respawn. There are also a limited number of Quality Wooden Scrap piles around by Eufaula Salvage, anything that looks like it has nails sticking out of it is Qualty scrap, however you will need an upgraded Axe to dismantle it.

Where to Find Petrified Wood and Boxwood

Petrified Wood and Boxwood can only be found out in the desert by the Gecko Station Ruins and beyond when you chop down a Large Deadwood tree. The boxwood is found in the top half of the tree and petrified wood is found in the stump.

microchip in ruinsMy Time at Sandrock Mechanical Scrap Resources

Mechanical resources is an odd outlier of all the materials. By Mechanical what the game means is leftover relics from the old world, including Bearings and Old Parts. While these can't be further refined into other materials, they are absolutely invaluable as most machines that you build require one or both of these parts.

Where to Find Bearings and Old Parts

Mechanical Scrap which is then processed into bearings and old parts is easiest to harvest from Mixed Junk piles in the Eufaula Salvage yard, though you will also find random bearings and old parts in a variety of locations as you progress through the game.

Where to Find Microchips and Simple Circuits and Engines

Microchips, Simple Circuits and Engines are all available for purchase from Eufaula Salvage but are also available in the Eufaula Salvage ruins on various levels. These items can be located with a treasure detector, which is your best bet if you're specifically on the hunt for them. None of the three can be refined from Mechanical scrap.

Where to Find Hydraulic Rods and Metal Coils

Hydraulic Rods and Metal Coils are most easily found diving out in the Gecko Station ruins after they have opened up for exploration, though coils can be found occasionally in the Eufaula Salvage ruins, they are much more difficult to come by. Metal coils are also available for purchase in limited amounts from the Eufaula Salvage shop, and neither of these items can be obtained from processing mechanical scrap.

plastic scrapMy Time at Sandrock Plastic Scrap Resources

Plastic is currently a little used resource in Sandrock, but it's still good to have. Feeding plastic scrap into the recycler will get you Plastic, Plastic Shell or Plastic Pipe materials. Much like Rubber, there's not a lot that plastic can be further refined into just yet, but since it tends to be in short supply, that's not a bad thing.

Where To Find Plastic

Plastic is the trickiest resource to find, as presumably in the 330 years since the collapse of society all of the plastic actually decomposed, given enough time. Currently, you can only find small amounts of plastic out in the desert in plastic scrap piles around Sandsled Sensation and the Gecko Station Ruins, and you won't find any in mixed junk piles at the salvage yard. However, it will occasionally show up as plastic scrap piles in the junkyard.

My Time at Sandrock Stone Scrap Resources

hard rock

Stone is an extremely important resource in the desert, for good reason. Stone is processed into the earliest weapons you'll be able to use, as well as stone axes, and you'll also need bricks for a number of building projects. As you progress through the game and unlock metals and ores, stone becomes less important. However, by that point, chances are you'll have a large amount of stone sitting around in a storage box, which we recommend using the Ore Refiner to process into dregs and Bloodstone, both of which are useful extremely useful items for keeping machines running and for upgrading items with the Refiner, respectively.

Where to Find Stone

You can find stone by breaking down rocks and gravel that you find in the desert or stone scrap, or by getting stone scrap from Mixed Junk piles in Eufaula Salvage. Stone scrap is processed into bricks, stones, power stones and stone slate in the recycler, of which bricks and stones are materials that you'll need to gather early in game. Hard Rocks that you find in the desert will require an upgraded Pickhammer to break down and give dew, bloodstones, marble, throwing rocks and stones. Marble can also be found ruin diving in Gecko Station when breaking up debris.

My Time at Sandrock Metal Scrap and Resources

ore in the ruins

Metal is the most diverse and important resource in Sandrock. From Copper and Tin to Chromium and Steel, there are a ton of different ores and metals you'll need to construct machines and continue your journey as a builder, so let's get cracking.

Where to Find Copper

Copper Scrap is the first metal resource you'll find and can be collected from copper scrap piles in and around Eufaula Salvage yard, as well as from Mixed Junk scrap piles. This can be refined into Copper Bars and Copper Sticks, which can in turn be refined into a multitude of items including copper plates, screws and wires.

Where to Find Tin and Bronze

The next step up from Copper is Bronze, which cannot be found in scrap piles. You'll need to unlock the Eufaula Salvage ruins in order to collect Copper Ore and Tin Ore, both of which you'll need to refine into Bronze. In addition to things like bronze rivets, you'll also be able to upgrade your weapons and tools to Bronze versions once you have a few bars available.

Where to Find Iron and Steel

After Bronze you'll unlock Iron, which can once again be found in scrap piles. It's in Eufaula Salvage yard as the broken down bus that you can further dismantle and usually there are one or two hypersleep chambers outside of the salvage yard that you can break down for more Iron scrap. Do note that Iron scrap will require your Recycler to be upgraded to a Civil Recycler in order to process it and in order to smelt Iron ore you will need a Civil Furnace. Iron recycles into Steel Bars and Iron Latches, both of which can be processed into other items at the Grinder or Processor machines. Iron ore can be found in Pyrite deposits in the Gecko Station Ruins after they become non-hazardous.

Where to Find Manganese, Chromium and Nickel

 At the Gecko Station Ruins you'll find other ores including Nickel, Manganese and Chromium. Currently there isn't a lot you can use these for outside of smelting Chromium or Manganesium Steel Bars, but it's not a bad idea to keep some on hand anyway. Chromium Steel Bars are also a favorite of Mi-an if you're looking to improve your relationship with her and Manganesium Steel Bars are requested semi-frequently for commissions.

Where to find Graphite

Graphite can be found in the stone outside of Gecko Station, but also within Gecko Station itself while mining for other resources.

Where to find Sulfur

Sulfur, which you'll need to craft gunpowder for making pistol and rifle bullets, is found down in the Gecko Station Ruins in the general debris of the area that you need to chip through.

My Time at Sandrock Other Resources

There are a few other basic resources you'll come across in game that won't fit neatly into one of the above categories and that you won't be able to process from the recycler, namely Clay, Dinas and Plant Fiber.

  • Clay can be found in plentiful amounts in the debris you dig through in Non-Hazardous ruins
  • Dinas can be found in the ruins as well as from breaking down some stones on the surface and plant fiber can be found from tumbleweeds or by cutting down things like Yakthorn and Sandgrass.
  • Plant Fiber can be found by cutting down bushes around your workshop - but stay away from trees!

hammer timeMy Time at Sandrock Buying Resources

Most resources that you can find out in the world are available to buy from various shops. Rocky's Eufaula Salvage shop will sell assorted scrap as well as metal ores each day and clay and dinas, and Hugo's Hammer Time shop will sell refined metal bars as well as assorted processed items like copper screws and bronze sticks. Stone and Dinas are also sold in the Commerce Guild shop and at Construction Junction while Wood is sold at Water World.

It's not really worth it to buy stone or wood unless you're really in a pinch, but stocking up on some ores from Rocky's shop isn't a bad idea, particularly the Tin ore and Iron ore before you've unlocked the Gecko Station Ruins for exploration. Old world mechanical resources like Metal Coils, Microchips and Engines are also sold at Rocky's with one or two available per day, so it's good to pick up a couple when the prices have fallen in your favor, but not really worth it to pay a 17% markup.

That's the rundown of everything you need to know about My Time at Sandrock resources! Check out more guides below:

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