What to Do with the Large Shiny Pebble in Palia

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What to Do with the Large Shiny Pebble in Palia - Cover Image Running Into Kilima Town on the Road

This article will show you what you're supposed to do with the Large Shiny Pebble in Palia, as well as other shiny pebbles that you might come across. 

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What to Do with the Large Shiny Pebble in Palia

Palia screenshot showing a purple clad character standing just next to the robot called Einar

While foraging in Palia, you might come across a Large Shiny Pebble, or any other kind of shiny pebble, while you're foraging. You might also be wondering what you're supposed to do with these items in the game. 

The Use for Shiny Pebbles

Shiny Pebbles are needed to complete the accomplishment "Pebble Plunder." This accomplishment requires you to visit Einar and return all of their lost shiny pebbles. 

List of Shiny Pebbles in Palia

There are 8 different shiny pebbles you need to complete this accomplishment, and we've listed them below. We've also tried to include information on where you can find each pebble, but we're still hunting them all down. Bookmark to page to see new pebble locations as we update them. 

Small Shiny Pebble

Large Shiny Pebble

Largre Shiny Pebbles seem to be a random find item out in the fields of Killima. Keep an eye out on the ground while you're foraging for mushrooms or insects and see if you can spot anything shining. 

Blue Shiny Pebble

Green Shiny Pebble

Lumpy Shiny Pebble

Purple Shiny Pebble

Red Shiny Pebble

Yellow Shiny Pebble


Once you've gifted all 8 of the different shiny pebbles to Einar, you should immediately unlock the Pebble Plunder accomplishment. 

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