How to Get a Glider in Palia

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How to Get a Glider in Palia - Cover Image Using the Glider Near Kilima Town

This guide will show you how to get a Glider in Palia, including the related quest and the materials you'll need to complete it.

When starting out in Palia, you do not have access to the glider. To unlock it, you must first progress through each Main Quest you are given (these are all grouped together in the Quest tab).

Eventually, you'll be tasked with heading into Bahari Bay (the zone east of Kilima Village) and talking to Najuma. She'll say that she can make you a glider, but only if you provide her with the right materials.

How to get Sapwood Planks in Palia

Sapwood can be obtained by cutting down trees on your housing plot or in Kilima Village. From there, you can turn them into planks via Sawmills (you'll be give a quest to buy the Basic Sawmill after reaching Foraging Level 2). You'll need 3 in total.

The furniature shop menu, highlighting Fabric.

How to get Fabric in Palia

There are 2 main ways to get Fabric. The first would be to plant Cotton in your garden, and then turning that into Fabric via a Fabric Loom crafter (you can buy this from Tish after reaching Furnishing Level 2).

However, the quicker method is to buy it directly from Tish's furniture shop for 190 Gold each. You'll need 2 in total.

How to get Leather in Palia

Leather is a similar process. First, you can hunt Sernuk out in Kilima Village or Bahari Bay, then turn their hide into Leather via the Fabric Loom.

You can also just buy it via Tish's furniture shop for 60 Gold each. You'll need 5 in total.

With all the materials in hand, you can head back to Najuma and she'll give you the glider in return. It can be activated by using the jump button again while in the air.

That's the end of our guide on how to get a Glider in Palia. Take a look at our other guides below!


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