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Palia Building Guide - Cover Image Looking at the Harvest House in Progress on the Housing Plot

Our Palia Building Guide will teach you the basics of the Building system and tell you how you can expand your Housing Plot!

A big part of Palia is building your own House. After all, why go to all of that trouble to Hunt animals and earn a bunch of Gold if you don't have anything to spend it on? Read on to learn the basics of Building!

How to Unlock Your Housing Plot

You can unlock your Housing Plot after getting your Axe from Ashura during the "Welcome to Palia" Quest.

How to Unlock Your Harvest House

Unlocking your first Harvest House in Palia is a multi-step process, here's what you need to do.

  1. Talk with Tish to learn Furniture Making as detailed in our Starter Guide.
  2. Talk with Kenli and ask him "I wanted to ask about getting a house."
Palia Building Guide - Moving an Entire Chunk of the House
The Harvest House can be placed anywhere, but all other Rooms must be attached to it. You can pick up and rearrange the Rooms at any time in the Housing Menu (H).

How Building Works in Palia

Palia does not use a free-form Building system like you might see in similar games. Instead, it uses a modular system that allows you to rearrange pre-built pieces. You'll get a Harvest House for free in the early portions of the game, but everything you Build after that is going to cost you Resources and Gold.

Most Buildings will require Sapwood Planks (from Foraging) and Stone Bricks (from Mining). You'll need to advance the Foraging and Mining Professions enough to unlock the Sawmill and Furnace, respectively, or you won't be able to Build your Harvest House.

Once they're supplied with the appropriate Resources, you'll also have to wait several real-world hours for the Building to finish. It typically takes 4 to 8 hours for construction to complete. Once constructed, you can safely store a Building in your Housing inventory without having to Build it again.

The Harvest House itself is the only Building piece with a door on it. All other pieces (such as the Large Room or the Hallway Section) attach to the Harvest House. Rooms can be picked up and rearranged without disturbing their contents, although anything that's on a wall may be sent to your Storage if it would be in the way.

Unfortunately, you can only place one Harvest House per Housing Plot. Since the Harvest House is the only Building with a door, this means that your House will effectively only have one door. You can place another Harvest House on one of your alternate Housing Plots, which you can access at the top of the Housing Menu by pressing H.

In addition to the House itself, you can place most Furniture and other decorations anywhere on your Housing Plot. Naturally, you can also plant Trees and a Garden in the outdoor areas, too.

How to Expand Your Housing Plot

You can expand your Housing Plot by purchasing Writs from City Hall starting at the cost of 20 Renown. Each subsequent Writ will slowly increase in price until it reaches the maximum price of 100 Renown per Writ. These expansions apply to all of your Housing Plots.

How to Unlock More Housing Plots

You can unlock additional Housing Plots by accessing the Housing Menu with H while you're on your Housing Plot. Keep in mind that you have a second Housing Plot available by default for free. Purchasing a third Housing Plot will cost 50,000 Gold.

Only one Housing Plot can be active at a time.

Palia Building Guide - Harvest House and Attachments with a Garden and Windmill in the Background

Palia Building List

Building Size Price Ingredients Time to Build Notes
Hallway Section 3x3 3,000 * 80 Sapwood Plank, 30 Stone Brick 8 hours N/A
Small Room 7x7 6,000 * 60 Sapwood Plank, 22 Stone Brick 4 hours N/A
Medium Room 9x9 8,000 * 80 Sapwood Plank, 30 Stone Brick 6 hours N/A
Large Room 11x11 10,000 * 80 Sapwood Plank, 30 Stone Brick 6 hours N/A
Harvest House 11x11 15,000 * 100 Sapwood Plank, 35 Stone Brick 8 hours Requires Master Level 50 (the sum of all of your Skill Levels). Can only place 1 per Housing Plot. The only freestanding Building that has a door.
Fireplace Addon 3x3 4,000 * 80 Sapwood Plank, 30 Stone Brick 6 hours Must be placed on an outside wall.
Kilima Porch 1x11 1,500 * 80 Sapwood Plank, 30 Stone Brick 1 hour Must be placed on an outside wall.
Kilima Door 1x3 1,000 * 80 Sapwood Plank, 30 Stone Brick 1 hour Must be placed on an outside wall.
Windmill 5x12 5,000 * 100 Sapwood Plank, 35 Stone Brick 8 hours Does not attach to the house. Purely decorative. You can get one for free by completing the Housing Expansion II Accomplishment.
Gazebo ? 10,000 * ? ? Unlocked with the Housing Slots II Accomplishment.

* Note: Prices for all of these items increase with each subsequent purchase. For example, the Small Room costs 6,000 Gold the first time, but the second Small Room you purchase will cost 6,750 Gold, and so on.

We're at the end of our Palia Building Guide, but there's plenty more to explore -- take a look at our other guides below!


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