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Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest Guide - Cover Image Opening the Door to the Temple of the Flames

Our Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest Guide will tell you how to complete the Temple of the Flames and unlock the Vault of Flames Bundle!

A big part of the fun in Palia is exploring the mysterious temples left behind by your ancestors. Once you've unlocked the Vault of Waves, you'll be challenged to unlock a new Bundle by exploring the Temple of the Flames. Read on to learn how to complete this devious dungeon!

How to Unlock the Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest

You can unlock the Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest by completing the Quest "Plumehound Pilgrimage."

Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest Guide - Preparing to Shoot Symbols
Bring a Bow and at least a stack of Arrows with you -- you'll need it.

Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest Walkthrough

Once you've completed the Plumehound Pilgrimage Quest, Hassian and Sifuu will head over to the Temple of the Flames and unlock the door. Before you go to meet them, make sure your Bow is fully repaired and that you have at least 100 Makeshift Arrows -- you're going to need them to solve the upcoming puzzles!

Talk to Hassian

Although you've made it into the front door, there's another locked door on the inside. Hassian asks you to open the door.

Solve the Puzzle to Open the Door

Opening the first door will require that you shoot at the symbols on the torches on either side of the entranceway. The correct order is indicated on the arches above you as shown in this image:

Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest Guide - Unlocking the First Door Puzzle Solution

Shoot the correct symbols in the indicated order and the door will open.

Explore the Temple

You soon enter a massive room in the Temple of the Flames. This is the first clear evidence showing what happens when Flow and magic go awry.

The next step is to explore the Temple, but let's get some loot first. Head to the left and you'll find a Chest with some loot.

Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest Guide - First Chest to the Left

Keep heading to the left and you'll see another Chest on a cliff in the distance. Glide over there and grab this one, too. Then, climb back up the cliffs and glide back to the starting area. Don't worry if you fall in the lava -- you'll simply respawn back where you started. (In fact, it might be faster to do this rather than going the long way!)

You'll find Hassian and Sifuu standing in the center of this massive room. Talk to Hassian, and then talk to Sifuu. Sifuu, like any good mom, has brought snacks on this field trip and she'll share some with you.

Once you've gotten your snacks, go to the right and you'll find a door that you can head into. Go inside.

Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest Guide - Door From the Foyer to the Maze
This door will lead you into the next section of the Temple of the Flames.

Investigate the Mysterious Mural

The next small room will have a mural, a brazier, and not much else. Talk with Hassian and Sifu, then investigate the surrounding area.

Sifuu will give you a torch. You can use this torch to grab fire from the brazier. Then, you can light the smaller brazier to the left of the mural. This mural will slide open, revealing a maze.

Complete the Maze

The maze is split into three sections and it's fairly easy to complete overall as long as you remember the golden rule of solving mazes: follow the wall.

The first part of the maze can be completed by taking every left turn. Keep turning left and you'll eventually make it to the end. You'll find a brazier near the end; use it to light your torch.

Once you've exited the first part, you'll have to climb up some ladders. You'll find another brazier next to a mural that you can light. Before you go through, look back at the way you came -- you'll see another path that will lead you to yet another Chest with some loot in it.

The second part of the maze is a little different. This time, making left turns will lead you to a Chest. Head back, then make only right turns and you'll find the exit path along with another brazier. Once again, light your torch and use it to light the small brazier next to the mural.

The third and final part of the maze is a little more treacherous -- there is lava underneath you! Fortunately, falling in will just bring you back to the start. As before, work your way to the end and you'll have to light one final brazier.

Lighting this third and final brazier will open up a door back in the foyer. Exit the maze by gliding back the way you came. Speak with Hassian and he'll exit back to the foyer with Sifuu.

Speak with Hassian and Open the Final Chamber

Head back into the Foyer and you'll have to speak with Hassian and Sifuu again. The blank murals are now filled in with images from the murals you saw while exploring the mazes.

These murals also have associated symbols next to them. The order of the story gives you the order of the symbols that you'll have to shoot on another torch puzzle. Here's the solution:

Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest Guide - Second Arrow Puzzle Door

Shoot the targets underneath the torches in this order and the door in-between the torches will open. Head inside to find the final chamber.

Explore the Final Chamber and Find a Way Across to Tau

In the final chamber, you'll see Tau on a platform in the distance. Somehow, Tau managed to use his powers of being a very good boy to get past all of these locked doors without actually opening any of them.

Getting to Tau seems impossible, but it's quite easy -- there's an invisible bridge right in the middle of the room. Jump off the ledge and glide toward Tau and you'll safely land on the bridge. Continue walking forward.

When you get to the other side, you'll find that Tau has found a Kitsune and was visiting a friend (or perhaps a girlfriend?) -- as good a reason as any to brave a dangerous temple full of lava. There's just one more puzzle to complete: a sliding tile puzzle.

Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest Guide - Temple of the Flames Tile Puzzle

Solve the Tile Puzzle

The Temple of the Flames sliding tile puzzle is a little more challenging than the one you completed back in the Echoes of the Unknown Quest. This time, you have to make a total of 11 moves. Here's how to solve it:

  1. Right
  2. Up
  3. Right
  4. Down
  5. Left
  6. Up
  7. Right
  8. Down
  9. Left
  10. Left
  11. Left

With that done, you'll have completed the Temple of the Flames and unlocked the Vault of Flames in Nightsky Temple, granting you access to new Bundles to complete.

Return Home

Finally, return to Sifuu and Hassian. Hassian will offer you a quick exit out of the Temple of the Flames. You can take him up on his offer, or you can spend some time exploring the Temple and reading some of the cool lore that's spread throughout this area.

That's the end of our Palia A Catalyzing Caper Quest Guide. Check out our other guides below!


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