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This Palia Half Boiled Quest Guide will tell you how to complete the Half Boiled Quest and get your hands on the Palian Onion Soup Cooking Recipe!

Everybody needs fuel to get through the day and Palia is no different. You'll surely burn through a lot of Focus after a long day of Foraging and Hunting, and you can restore that Focus by Cooking some Food. Some Cooking Recipes, however, can only be found by completing certain Quests -- read on to learn how to complete the Half-Boiled Quest!

How to Complete the Palia Half-Boiled Quest

The Palia Half-Boiled Quest is pretty easy to complete. You'll start it by picking up one of two pages containing the Palian Onion Soup Cooking Recipe. Both of these pages can be found on the docks of Fisherman's Lagoon near where the Villager Einar spends most of his time Fishing.

After you've found the first page, it's simply a matter of finding the second page. Both pages are pretty close to one another, so you shouldn't have to look very long. If you're having difficulty finding them, it may be better to wait until daytime when the Recipe pages are easier to see.

Once you have your hands on both parts of the Palian Onion Soup Recipe, it will automatically be added to your roster of Cooking Recipes. You can then head home and Cook Palian Onion Soup as long as you have the appropriate Cooking Crafters and all of the necessary ingredients.

Palia Half Boiled Quest Guide - Palian Onion Soup Recipe - Recipe in the Cooking Menu

How to Cook the Palian Onion Soup Recipe

Starting Ingredients

  • Onion
  • Flour

Required Produce

  • Wild Garlic

Required Cooking Crafters

  • Stove
  • Prep Station

Time to Cook

  • 1:00

Focus Restored

  • +100

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