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Our Palia Gifts Guide will go over everything you need to know about giving NPCs gifts. This includes both basic gifts and the weekly gift system.


Badruu have a Weekly Want of a Potato.

How Gifts Work in Palia

Gifts in Palia are one of the main ways to increase your friendship with each of the game's NPCs. However, there are a few quirks to this system.

For starters, each NPC can only be gifted one item per real-world day, unlike talking to them which resets daily. They also have certain gifts they like each week, separate from their normal list of liked and loved gifts.

Palia Weekly Gifts

Weekly Wants can be viewed in the Relationship tab, but they'll only show up once you've found out each one. When talking to NPCs, you can find out new weekly wants by selecting the present with a ? icon to the side of the dialogue box. You'll be able to find out more Weekly Wants as you become better friends with each town member.

While the weekly items will change at the start of a new week, the current Weekly Wants are the same for all players. So make sure to share any info you find with your friends. Note that, unlike regular gifts, you can only give an NPC one of each Weekly Want per week.

Palia Gifts List

Here's a list of some simple gifts to give each NPC once you're done with their Weekly Wants.

  • Ashura - Sundrop Lilies, Grilled Fish
  • Auni - Common Field Crickets, Common Blue Butterflies.
  • Badruu - Potatoes
  • Caleri - Sernuk Hide, Grilled Mushrooms
  • Chayne - Onions, Onion Seeds
  • Delaila - Chapaa Meat, Sernuk Meat
  • Einar - Fish
  • Elouisa - Sernuk Antlers
  • Eshe - Leather
  • Hassian - Flint, Sernuk Hide
  • Hekla - Copper Ore
  • Hodari - Copper Ore, Leather
  • Jel - Sundrop Lillies, Crystal Lake Lotus
  • Jina - Flint
  • Kenli - Tomato
  • Kenyatta - Sernuk Hide
  • Nai'O - Stone Bricks, Sernuk Hide
  • Najuma - Tomato, Coral
  • Reth - Potato, Onion
  • Sifuu - Copper Ore, Grilled Mushroom
  • Tamala - Copper Ore, Sernuk Hide
  • Tish - Clay, Sundrop Lilies
  • Zeki - Fish Stew

Thanks for reading our Palia Gifts Guide. We'll update the list with more gift options as we find them. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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