Palia Chest Locations Guide

Last Update: August 10, 2023 12:46 PM


Palia Chest Locations Guide - Cover Image Chest Hanging from a Hook in Kilima

Our Palia Chest Locations Guide will show you all of the places where you can find the free troves of loot that are scattered throughout the world.

It's hard to earn money and make a living, and Palia is no different. You're going to need to Hunt, Fish, and Garden if you want to earn Gold, and you'll spend plenty of time Foraging and Mining for the other things you need. There are, however, occasional opportunities to get some free loot with minimal effort on your part -- read on to learn more!

Where to Find Chests in Palia

One of the easy ways to get some loot in Palia's early game is by finding Chests. These trunks full of treasure are placed all over the world, though not all of them are obvious.

Typically, Chests will be hidden in nooks and crannies, in caves, or at the top of tall pillars. Paying careful attention to your surroundings can be rewarding! These Chests are only available once, so you should always aim to collect them as soon as you can.

I've also noticed that Chests emit a low humming sound; if you hear a strange buzz, it may be a box full of loot that's hidden just around the corner. Read on to see all of the Chest locations we've found so far!

Palia Chest Locations | Kilima

Palia Chest Locations Guide - Kilima Chest Locations Map TechRaptor Watermark v2

Kilima has a handful of Chests spread throughout the starting area. Most of them can be accessed on foot, but you're going to need the Glider to get to some of the tougher locations.

It should be noted that there are at least 4 Chests within the temple near the Phoenix Shrine. Carefully explore the area to find as many as you can!

Palia Chest Locations | Bahari Bay

Palia Chest Locations Guide - Bahari Bay Chest Locations Map TechRaptor Watermark

Bahari Bay has fewer chests than Kilima, and it gets worse -- it's also more challenging to reach some of the chests. Singularity 6 really loves to put Chests on top of tall pillars. In those cases, your best bet will be to climb nearby cliffs, jump off, and carefully glide down to your destination.

Thanks for reading our Palia Chest Locations Guide. Take a peek at our other guides below!


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