Palia Bug Catching Guide

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Palia Bug Catching Guide - Cover Image Getting Ready to Throw a Standard Smoke Bomb at a Common Blue Butterfly

Our Palia Bug Catching Guide will take you from AMJAM insect enthusiast to Professional bug botherer in no-time flat. We'll list all of the bugs we've found so far, and teach you to catch them. 

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Palia Bug Catching Guide

How to Unlock the Bug-Catching Belt

You can unlock the Bug-Catching Belt in Palia by reading the letters from Hassian and Einar as part of the "Welcome to Palia" Quest. You will then be able to speak to Auni and he'll give you the Belt along with 20 Standard Smoke Bombs. 

Best Place to Catch Bugs

Common bugs, like spotted stinkbugs, can be found all over Kilima Town and Bahari Bay, but rarer bugs will be found in specific locations depending on the species in question. 

Palia screenshot showing a character standing in front of a grassy area with a cricket-like bug highlighted by an annotation

Check in tall grass to spot Crickets and Catapillers crawling around. You can also spot butterflies during the daytime hovering just above ground level. 

Rare Bugs

Various Rare Bugs can be found all over Palia, so we've listed the one's that we've found so far below. Keep checking back and bookmark the page as we'll add any more we find in the future. 

Spotted Mantis

Palia screenshot showing a close up of the Spotted Mantis as well as its information screen and value

Head to the Dragon Shrine in Kilima Town and keep an eye out around the grass for this little spotted fellow hopping around in the grass. It'll take a few hits before he goes down, so make sure you spam your smoke bombs if you want to be sure you get him before he can hop away. 

Brushtail Dragonfly

Palia screenshot showing a close up of the Brushtail Dragonfly as well as its information window and value

Find this little blue-green guy around the Lake in Kilima Town, or check out the rivers and ponds in Bahari Bay and look out for him hovering just above the water and the banks of the bodies of water. 

How Palia Bug Catching Works

Catching bugs is much like hunting animals in Palia. With your smoke bomb satchel equipped, you can aim and throw smoke bombs, and you'll need to hit bugs in order to knock them out and capture them. 

How to Upgrade the Belt

Palia screenshot of the Standard Belt recipe screen and information panel

To upgrade your belt you'll need to increase your bug-catching level and regularly check in with Auni to see if you've unlocked any further recipes from him. The list below is all of the different belt upgrades and when you'll actually get them. 

  • Bug-Catching Level 3: Standard Belt
  • Bug-Catching Level 6: Fine Belt
  • Bug-Catching Level 9: Exquisite Belt

How to Get More Smoke Bombs

Palia screenshot of the Standard Belt recipe screen and information panel

Get the first smoke bomb recipe from Auni when he gives you your Makeshift Belt during Welcome to Palia. The recipe calls for 1 piece of clay and one Sundrop Lily. 

Where to find Clay and Sundrop Lilies

Palia screenshot of the map with watermarks and a red annotation to highlight the right area

Gather clay by exploring near the edge of the lake in Kilia Town where it gathers in orange-ish clumps sticking out of the ground. Use your pickaxe to loot it. We've highlighted the area you're most likely to find it on the map above. 

Palia screenshot showing a glowing plant growing in an open field

Explore the open plain areas of Kilima Town and look out for glowing bright yellow flowers sticking out in the distance. They can often be found out in the open in bright sunlight.  

Where to Catch Bugs in Palia

Below is a list of all of the different bugs we've found so far in Palia, and where you can get them. We'll keep this list updated as we find more and more bugs, so keep checking back often to see what else there is to find. 

Common Field Cricket

Can be found in grassy fields all over Kilima Town and Bahari Bay, usually hopping around just above the grass. 

Common Blue Butterfly

Found all over Kilima Town and Bahari Bay but only during the daylight hours when they'll be fluttering over wide open areas, especially around trees and flowers. 

Spotted Stinkbug

Another common bug found over both Kilima and Bahari Bay, They seem to congregate around water and there are a fair few near the water in Maji's Hollow. 

Spotted Mantis

A rare bug that only shows its face around the Dragon Shrine at Maji's Hollow. We found ours near the statue during the day but they can show up anywhere in the grounds of the temple. 

Brushtail Dragonfly

Another rare bug, this time often found near the lake in Kilima, or by the ponds and rivers of Bahari Bay, flying just above the water

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