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This guide will explain how the Palia Furniture Making Skill works and how you can use it to deck out your Home with some cool stuff.

Once you've started Building a House in Palia, you'll shortly be thinking about what you can put inside. Some of the space will probably be taken up by Cooking Crafters and other Crafting devices, but those don't really make your place into a home. Read on to learn more about the Furniture Making Skill!

How to Unlock Furniture Making

You can unlock Furniture Making in Palia by speaking to Tish and saying "Kenli sent me," after talking to Kenli and asking him about building a House. This will unlock your first few Crafting recipes for Furniture.

Best Furniture to Make

There is no "best Furniture" to make in Palia -- it all comes down to your tastes. You cannot sell Furniture, and it appears that you get an equal amount of experience regardless of what you Craft.

There are, however, Accomplishments tied to Crafting everything in a Furniture set. Therefore, I advise that you make one of every item until you've completed each set. Furniture takes up 0 space in your Storage, so this is a good way to see which Furniture designs you like most for your House.

Palia Furniture Making Guide - Choosing a New Furniture Recipe
Crafting an item in a Furniture set will let you choose to learn one of three new Recipes for another item in that set.

How Palia Furniture Making Works

Palia Furniture Making is different from most other forms of Crafting. You'll need to gather Resources and know a Recipe to make something at your Worktable. However, finishing the Crafting will present you with the opportunity to unlock another Recipe completely for free. The green check marks show whether or not you have Crafted a piece of Furniture yet.

There are different "sets" of Furniture, all of which follow a particular theme and use similar materials. Higher-level recipes use rarer Resources that you can get with Foraging and Mining such as Flow-Infused Planks and Palium Ingots, so make sure you level up those Skills, too!

Where to Get More Furniture Recipes

There are two ways to get more Furniture Recipes:

  1. Level up the Furniture Skill and purchase new Recipes from Tish.
  2. Craft an item in a Furniture Set to unlock one of three new Recipes.

As far as I can tell, it appears that there are some items that can only be purchased, acquired through completing Accomplishments, or acquired through other means. Some of these rarer items can be found in the Black Market that's hidden in the Sewers on the southern shores of Kilima, so make sure to check it out!

Notably, there is an entire Furniture set called the Makeshift Set that you can only get from Waterlogged Chests while Fishing. If you want to collect all of the Furniture, you should focus on learning Fishing, too!

Palia Furniture Making Guide - Using the Furniture Modification Bench on the Homestead Nightstand

How to Use the Furniture Modification Bench

The Furniture Modification Bench allows you to change the color and style of Furniture you've already Crafted. Here's how it works:

  1. Place the Furniture Modification Bench somewhere on your Housing Plot.
  2. Purchase Furniture Modification Kits from the Furniture Store.
  3. Place the piece of Furniture you wish to customize in your Inventory.
    • Not all Furniture can be modified.
  4. Open up the Furniture Modification Interface and select a design. Each design will consume a certain number of Furniture Modification Kits.
  5. Confirm the changes and your Furniture will be modified to fit the new style.

All modified Furniture can be returned to its standard design for free. However, changing it to a different style will consume more Furniture Modification Kits. Make sure that you have plenty on hand if you plan on customizing a lot of Furniture -- each style change will take at least 2 to 3 Furniture Modification Kits per piece of Furniture.

Can You Sell Furniture?

No, you cannot sell Furniture as of Palia Version 0.165.5.

Furniture does not take up any space in your Storage (although it does take up space in your Inventory). If you really don't want a piece of Furniture, you'll have to trash it.

Can You Buy Furniture?

Yes, you can buy Furniture. You can purchase items from a rotating stock at the Furniture Store and you can also get some unique items in the Black Market located in The Sewers.

We're at the end of our Palia Furniture Making Guide, but there's lots more to learn -- have a gander at our other guides below!

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