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Palia Mining Guide - Cover Image Swinging at a Copper Ore Vein with the Makeshift Pickaxe in Kalima

Our Palia Mining Guide will tell you how Mining works, how to Mine in multiplayer, and where you can find Ore such as Iron and Palium.

Decorating your House is a big part of Palia, but all of that Furniture Making is going to require Resources. A big part of many Furniture Recipes is the various Ores you can find in the game, and the best way to get them is with Mining -- read on to learn how it works!

How to Unlock the Pick

You can unlock the Pick in Palia by speaking with Hodari on your Housing Plot after you get your Axe from Ashura as part of the "Welcome to Palia" Quest.

Best Place to Mine

The best place to Mine in Palia is Bahari Bay. It has Iron and Palium, both of which are resources required for upgrading to higher-level Tools.

However, you should keep in mind that Clay and Copper can only be found in Kilima. Make sure to mine in the correct area to get the Ore you're looking for!

Palia Mining Guide - Mining Some Stone in Bahari Bay with a Treasure Chest on a Pillar in the Background

How Palia Mining Works

Palia Mining is fairly similar to most other games -- all you need to do is take out your Pick and hit an Ore Node until it breaks. Once it breaks, you can pick up the Ore and you'll gain a bit of experience in the Mining Skill.

There are currently only five Ores in the game:

  • Stone
  • Clay
  • Copper
  • Iron - Requires Standard Pick (Copper Pick)
  • Palium - Requires Fine Pick (Iron Pick)

You can Mine with other people, too! As long as you hit an Ore Node once, you'll get a drop when it breaks. This means you can let other people hit the same Ore Node once and everyone will get a share.

How to Upgrade the Pick

You can upgrade the Hoe by reaching Level 3 in Mining and speaking with Hodari. You can then purchase the Standard Pick Recipe for 500 Gold.

You'll need to get some Copper with Mining and some Sapwood Planks with Foraging to actually Craft it. Subsequent upgrades will require better materials, such as Iron and Heartwood.

Where to Mine Stone

You can mine Stone in both Kilima and Bahari Bay. Typically, Stone is found along cliff walls.

Where to Mine Clay

You can mine Clay in Kilima, near the lake and ponds in the southern part of the region.

Where to Mine Copper

You can mine Copper in Kilima, typically near cliff walls.

Where to Mine Iron

You can mine Iron in Bahari Bay, typically near cliff walls.

Where to Mine Palium

Palia Mining Guide - Approximate Palium Locations in Bahari Bay Map TechRaptor Watermarked

Palium can only be mined in Bahari Bay. The above map shows all of the locations where we've confirmed Palium will spawn. Some of these locations -- such as the Pavel Mines -- are located underground or in caves, and others are on tall cliffsides. Use your common sense when looking around for it, and pay attention to where other players are mining.

You'll need an Iron Pickaxe at the minimum to harvest it. Palium is a rare Resource that is highly sought after, so you will likely have to visit multiple places before you find any -- and you might not find any at all if you're not lucky.

If you do find Palium, it's courteous to ask if anyone else on the server wants to get any. As long as you hit the Palium with your Pick one time, anyone else breaking the Ore node will also get some Palium.

That's the end of our Palia Mining Guide. Take a look at our other guides below!

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