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Fishing Off of the Dock at Fisherman's Lagoon

This Palia Fishing Guide will go over how to start fishing, the rewards for doing so, and where you can find every fish currently available.

How to Unlock the Fishing Rod in Palia

You can unlock the Fishing Rod in Palia by reading the Letter from Einar after placing your Makeshift Tent on your Housing Plot for the first time.

Attempting catch a fish in a pond.

How Palia Fishing Works

After equipping your fishing rod from the tool bag, you can hold the use button to charge up your cast. Holding it for longer will let you cast out further — note that fishing will always take the same amount of time, regardless of how close or far away you cast out.

Once you've cast your line out, wait until the bobber starts to be pulled underwater. After a few tugs, it'll be dragged under completely. Using your fishing rod again will then start the main minigame.

The aim is to keep the bobber within the "( )" lines, moving it left or right when necessary. You want to keep reeling in the fish at all times, unless it jumps into the air.

If you let the fish leave the lines, or attempt to reel it in while it's jumping, your fishing line will lose health. Deplete the fishing line health completely, and the fish will get away.

Sometimes you'll come across circles of bubbles in the water. Fish caught from these will be high quality, though no fish types are exclusive to the bubble spots.

Palia Fishing Bait

The type of fish you can catch depends on the area you're fishing in, time of day, and the bait you use (though you can catch fish without using bait). The current types of bait are:

  • Worms - Can be bought for 10 Gold each at Zeke's store, or made using a Worm Farm (recipe unlocked via Einar).
  • Glow Worms - Can be made using a Glow Worm Farm (recipe unlocked via Einar).

Both types of worm farm are crafters that you build and place on your plot. Each process food into bait, with higher tier food giving more bait in return.

The Fishing Guild Store, highlighting the Fine Rod recipe.

How to Upgrade Your Fishing Rod in Palia

Einar will sell recipes for better tools, once you reach certain Fishing Levels. He spends most of his time in Fisherman's Lagoon in Kilima Village. You must upgrade through each tier of rod in sequence (i.e. you can't skip from Makeshift to Fine).

Palia Fishing Rod List

  • Makeshift Rod - Default, available after reading the letter from Einar.
  • Standard Rod - Requires Fishing Level 3. Recipe costs 250 Gold, and requires 20 Sapwood Plank, 5 Copper Bar.
  • Fine Rod - Requires Fishing Level 6. Recipe costs 1,500 Gold, and requires 10 Heartwood Plank, 5 Iron Bar.
  • Exquisite Rod - Requires Fishing Level 9. Recipe costs 3,000 Gold, and requires 5 Flow-Infused Plank, 2 Palium Bar.

Palia Fish List

Fish are split into several different locations, which can be seen in their descriptions once caught. While some fish say they're caught in Kilima Village Lakes, they're also found along the coastline. The same applies to Bahari Bay, with coast and river fish sharing the same catch list.

Ponds (Your Plot, Kilima Village, Bahari Bay)

Name Bait Time
Calico Koi None Any
Cantankerous Koi None Daytime, Night
Cloudfish Glow Worm Morning, Daytime
Fairy Carp Worm Morning, Evening
Giant Goldfish Glow Worm Any
Kilima Catfish Worm Any
Mirror Carp Worm Any
Mottled Gobi Glow Worm Any
Mudminnow None Any
Orange Bluegill Worm Any
Scarlet Koi Glow Worm Any
Stalking Catfish Glow Worm Evening, Night

Kilima Village Lake (also counts the coast)

Name Bait Time
Alligator Gar Glow Worm Any
Beluga Sturgeon Glow Worm Any
Enchanted Pupfish Glow Worm Any
Giant Kilima Stingray Glow Worm Morning, Daytime, Evening
Gillyfin None Any
Largemouth Bass Worm Any
Midnight Paddlefish Glow Worm Night
Painted Perch Worm Any
Prism Trout Worm Morning, Daytime
Shimmerfin Worm Any
Smallmouth Bass Worm Any
Striped Sturgeon Worm Evening, Night

Bahari Bay Caves

Name Bait Time
Albino Eel Worm Any
Bat Ray Worm Any
Blobfish Glow Worm Any
Crimson Fangtooth Glow Worm Any
Eyeless Minow None Any
Hypnotic Moray Glow Worm Any
Mutated Angler Worm Any
Stonefish Glow Worm Any
Umbran Carp None Any
Void Ray Glow Worm Any

Bahari Bay Rivers

Name Bait Time
Bahari Pike Glow Worm Any
Chub Glow Worm Any
Cutthroat Trout Worm Any
Dawnray None Morning
Duskray None Evening
Fathead Minnow Glow Worm Any
Honey Loach Glow Worm Daytime, Night
Kilima Redfin Worm Any
Oily Anchovy Worm Any
Paddlefish Worm Morning, Daytime, Evening
Rosy Bitterling None Any
Silvery Minnow None Any
Stormray Glow Worm Morning, Evening
Swordfin Eel Glow Worm Any
Thundering Eel Worm Any
Willow Lampry Worm Night
Yellow Perch None Any

Bahari Bay Coast

Name Bait Time
Bahari Bass None Any
Bahari Bream Worm Any
Barracuda None Evening, Night
Black Sea Bass Glow Worm Any
Blue Marlin Worm Any
Blue Spotted Ray Glow Worm Morning, Daytime, Evening
Bluefin Tuna Worm Any
Cactus Moray Glow Worm Daytime, Night
Long Nosed Unicorn Fish Glow Worm Daytime
Ribbontail Ray Worm Morning, Evening
Sardine None Any
Yellowfin Tuna Glow Worm Any

That's the end of our Palia Fishing Guide. You can learn more about the game by checking out our other guides below!


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