How to Find a Shepp in Palia

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How to Find a Shepp in Palia - Cover Image Player Talking with Ashura in the Tavern

This guide will tell you how to find a Shepp in Palia -- and why it's a bad idea to rush leveling up your Friendship with the Villager of your choice.

Palia isn't just about grinding out Resources and Building a House -- it's also about Friendship! You can join up with real people in a Community, but there are lots of fun things to explore by making friends with the Villagers, too. Read on to learn more about Shepps!

How to Find a Shepp in Palia

You can find a Shepp in Palia by advancing your Friendship with an adult Villager to Level 4. Children such as Auni are not eligible for being Shepps since a Shepp is supposed to be a sort of mentor role.

Unfortunately, it will take quite some time to get someone to Level 4 Friendship. Even if you give them all of their Gifts and talk to them every Palian Day, it will still probably take at least a few real-world days to get someone to Level 4 Friendship. Don't stress too much about grinding it out -- it'll happen when it happens!

One quick note -- "Shepp" is also the term used by Singularity 6 for people within the Palia community who have proven to be especially helpful. Don't get it confused with the "Shepps" in the game!

How to Find a Shepp in Palia - Players Running Through Kilima Town

What Happens After You Find a Shepp in Palia?

Once you've found a Shepp, you'll be tasked with speaking to Eshe. She'll then invite you to a party at the Mayor's Estate.

How to Find a Shepp in Palia - Spring Acceptance Wreath on House Wall
The Spring Acceptance Wreath is one of the many benefits of completing the Shepp quest.

The party at the Mayor's Estate is a celebration of your bond between yourself and your Shepp. You can walk around chatting to Villagers and learning a little more about the world and story of Palia.

After the party is finished, you'll officially become a citizen of Kilima. You'll also get a special cosmetic: the Spring Acceptance Wreath, a lovely item that you can hang on the wall of your home.

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