Resident Evil Village Azure Eye Guide

Resident Evil Village Azure Eye Puzzle


Resident Evil Village Azure Eye Guide

May 8, 2021

By: Dan Rockwood

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May 7, 2021
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Resident Evil Village offers treasure maps to help you find some of the more valuable treasures in the game. In Castle Dimitrescu, the first treasure map you get will lead you to the Special Chambers on floor B1. You’ll need the Iron Insignia Key to enter this chamber. Once inside, you’ll find a crypt and two hanging torches that aren’t lit. To retrieve the Resident Evil Village Azure Eye, we’ll need to light them.

Resident Evil Village Azure Eye — How to Find it

Take a look at the wall to the left of the coffin and you’ll see the wall is broken. Blow up that wall with a pipe bomb and you’ll be able to access the flames to light the other two torches.

Resident Evil Village Azure Eye

With the wall blown up, simply aim your pistol and line up a shot with the unlit torch so that when you fire, it will swing into the flames and ignite. Then, simply repeat the process to send it swinging into the other torch. With both torches lit, the coffin will open and you’ll be able to retrieve the Azure Eye. in Resident Evil Village, the Azure Eye can be sold to the Duke for 1,200 lei, but you’ll want to hang onto it for now.


Resident Evil Village Combinable Treasures

Combining items in Resident Evil Village is an easy way to maximize the value and give you as much buying power as possible with the Duke. Later in the game, the Azure Eye can be combined with the Silver Ring to be sold for quite a bit more. Be sure to inspect new treasures thoroughly and try combining different items to see what goes together. This will help you avoid missing out on valuable profits that’ll make you as strong as possible for the fight ahead.

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