Resident Evil Village Spinning Spikes - How To Get Past

Resident Evil Village Spinning Spikes How To Get Past Puzzle


Resident Evil Village Spinning Spikes - How To Get Past

May 8, 2021

By: Chris Penwell

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May 7, 2021
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Karl Heisenberg lays you on a sickening path with traps, werewolves, and a dangerous rocky slide that will leave you breathless. In the heat of the moment, it's hard to figure out how to counter the last obstacle: the spinning spikes. Here's how you do it in Resident Evil Village

At the beginning of the checkpoint

Resident Evil Village Werewolf
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When Heisenberg ends the countdown, start running as fast you can down the path. As soon as you see a werewolf emerge in front of you, turn left. Kick the wood that blocks your way by pressing "X" or the confirm button on your respective console of choice. Drop down and keep going forward. You'll meet the very hairy gorilla-like werewolf from before as he jumps down and takes a swing at you. Through a series of cutscenes, you'll find yourself at the bottom of a terrifying slide. Once you're at the bottom and spikes are closing down on you, turn left and you'll see another wooden plank blocking your way. Kick it and then crouch with the R3 button (or whatever the game asks you to press). Don't gaze at the werewolves looking in on your terrifying trip down terror, sprint and turn right at the end. 

The spinning spikes in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Rotating Saw Puzzle

Once you're in the room, don't try to break the yellow boxes; they're a distraction to what you really need to do. Go southwest and you'll see a hole in the wall. It might be hard to tell if you have the brightness set way down. Bring it up in the options menu under Display. HDR Mode might also mess you up in these dark areas if it's set incorrectly. Regardless, crawl into the space by crouching and wait for the spikes to close in. It might look nerve-wracking, but when it finally arrives, the spikes will come into contact with your handcuffs and breaks them clean. Another plus is that Heisenberg assumes that you're dead as he says "There's nothing like fresh American ground beef." Lovely. Before you leave the area, go to where the boxes were on the right and the left to collect the 300 Lei and four handgun ammo. Now, we just need fries with that. 


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