Resident Evil Village Courtyard

Resident Evil Village Courtyard Items Guide

May 7, 2021

By: Dan Rockwood


The Resident Evil Village courtyard items can be tricky to find, but with a little patience, you’ll be able to clear this area and move on in no time. The Resident Evil Village courtyard is one of the larger open-air places you’ll find in Castle Dimitrescu, and there are plenty of places for items to hide, so let’s get to it.

Resident Evil Village Courtyard Treasure

To make life a little easier, we’ll let you know that we’ve found no items way high up in the spires of the castle. Most of the Resident Evil Village treasures in the courtyard can be found right on ground level, or just under one of the overhangs along the sides. Sweep the courtyard systematically from the outside in. You’ll find some vases you can smash and other items that aren’t too hard to spot.


Take a look in the garden area near the center and you should be able to see a Green Herb. Collect that, and don't forget to heal if you're still realing from one of your previous encounters. 

Resident Evil Village courtyard item location in garden



Collect the herb, and then take a look underneath the overhang on the outskirts of the courtyard. You may find a golden birdcage with 1,000 lei inside when you shoot it down.


Resident Evil Village courtyard item location in overhang

While exploring for all of the Resident Evil Village courtyard item locations, Lady Dimitrescu may make an appearance and begin to chase you. Thankfully, she’s not that fast and the courtyard gives you enough space to not get easily cornered. Run away and hide a few rooms over until she stops her pursuit, then carefully make your way back. With a little perseverance you’ll be able to collect all the Castle Dimitrescu items and change that red marker on your map to blue!

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