Resident Evil Village VR Trailer Will Terrify You All Over Again

Published: February 15, 2023 3:36 AM /


Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters in Resident Evil Village

A new Resident Evil Village VR trailer has been released, showing what you can expect if you make the (probably foolhardy) decision to head back into the village in VR. The game's VR mode is due to land on PlayStation VR 2 on February 22nd as a free update.

The trailer begins, as you can probably imagine, with a short look at the infamous dollhouse section of Resident Evil Village. It's just a tease, but it shows how terrifying the thing that haunts the dollhouse will be in VR. From there, the trailer shows protagonist Ethan Winters exploring a variety of locations across the village, including Lady Dimitrescu's castle and the factory. You can take a look at the trailer right here.

For the most part, the basic gameplay and narrative structure of Village appear unchanged in VR; immersing yourself in this terrifying journey is probably enough novelty for another playthrough (seriously, you'll probably need to lie down for a while after the dollhouse).

The trailer shows the player manually moving items in their inventory and equipping new weaponry, as well as opening briefcases, aiming at enemies, and even the classic VR stalwart of playing a piano. The player in the trailer doesn't play "Welcome to the Black Parade", although there's nothing stopping you from doing just that when you give the game a whirl in VR.

Resident Evil Village's VR mode is set to arrive on PS5 via PSVR 2 on February 22nd, which is also when the headset launches. The VR mode for the game will support the entire campaign, so you can play through all of it again "up close and personal", as Capcom says. If you're on the fence, then you can try out a free demo for the VR mode on the day of the update's launch, which should give you an excuse to give your new PSVR 2 a whirl.

If you want to prepare for Village in VR, or if you've just been inspired to give the game a replay after this trailer, then be sure to take a look at our Resident Evil Village guides, which will help you navigate the game's nightmarish labyrinths and solve its many puzzles.

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